Friday, December 08, 2006

A New Post for the Ages...'ll be lost on everyone

the more things are possible, the less likely we are to do them

ughhhh, so i got to get back into the groove of writing, in some form or another. At Cedar Point i lost the access to blog so i took up the age old art of writing down..with pen and paper...but the season grew on, i got busier - both with work and my social life - and writing'd think with more going on in my life i'd have more to write about, but no, the two are inversely related...

anyways, when the season went to weekends only i had a good four days of relaxation at a time..time to pick up the journaling once again..but low and behold i was having problems with the system. any blog i tried to upload wasn't going through - even old posts i had saved as drafts back before i left for CP weren't going through...this troubled me for some time...i started implementing the "Notes" option on Facebook as some sort of blogging device...i liked it for the simple fact that if people were to read their news feed it would tell them i had made a new note and they should go and check it out...reaching out to a larger group of people in a community where they already were....but it wasn't until thanksgiving when i finally met up with the man himself zach baiel when he told me what my problem was..something along the lines of the FTP server address had changed, whatever.

So now i'm back..but better than before, hardly. this way of movable type is lost on me still...i'd like to get back into it all...i mean i have had the inkling to start writing again, and when i say writing i mean like something worthwhile - all my past ideas that are now collecting dust i want to blow off and rekindle a fire with...all those little movie ideas and everything's what i want to do, yet i'm not ready for it - if i were to attempt anything now it would be pure crap....

ughh, but what's the use, this is more therapeutic than anything else - i guess i'll have to just keep on keeping on and we'll just wait and see what comes out..

"Your efforts will go on justly rewarded"

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