Saturday, January 27, 2007

Day 13

Since When Was 13 Unlucky?
Holdin' back...

Hey remember that one time I said I was gonna quit like 14 times in an hour...yeah, that was like 4 minutes ago...

Ughhh, what a craptastic day, well the first half at least...let me begin with early this I hear my roommate's alarm go off, this roommate being james, the guy across from first I thought it was my clock..but then I got up and realized the sound was coming from in front of me. As I went to lie back down something it hit me...jame's clock was going off, and he never gets up early, so I spring up to find my clock. I angled the clock just right and saw that the time was 539, it just switched as I was looking at it. I panicked and leapt out of bed...the one day I couldn't be late, I was gonna be late....

I got ready so swiftly it was retarded, everything seemed to flow just right to enable me to get ready without much snag I realized after I left the room was I did laundry last night, so yes everything was nice and clean, however everything that is normally in my pockets was now all over the I went for our first part without much of anything on me..and the pen I ran back to my room to get, didn't work either.

We got a break after setting up the tables, so I came back to my room to gather myself..the adrenaline rush I got from flying down to the dining hall put me in a super energetic mood, nobody could tell I had only gotten up five minutes ago, and nobody could really tell that I didn't shave either, so win win.

I love it when my name gets called first and I get to break the ground with some crazy offbeat it was way full of energy and it caught everyone of guard, even the intructor, but she dug the enthusiasm..woot.

As the break was nearing it's end I went down to the café for a quick breakfast..then it was over to the dining room to work the ala carte service for breakfast..and that’s when the biggest flop in my day was at.

I don't even know how to explain it, but it just sucked...the waiter I was assisting really blew it in my mind, granted I am sure I could have stepped up in some areas, but at this moment, I don't know what his deal was. This style of serving is a lot different than typical table waiting..the biggest thing I think for most is the fact that you are now apart of a two person team, and nobody is used to that...hell I know I would have problems if I had someone supposed to help yeah, I got drinks, and mainly that's all I could really server's handwriting was horrible, so horrible he had to re-write an entire 6 tops order for him to read it (and yes I know my handwriting is just as bad if not worse, but come on...)

So the service end of it was good, just the timing of the meals and the kitchen cooperation was off..not so good all in all..but I was on top of drink refills...and then the server had the audacity to ask where I was because he was looking for me..whatevs..if you wouldn't been able to answer my questions instead of ignoring me while you re-wrote a 6 top ticket, switch the table numbers around, or actually told me something to do, you’d feel a little bit better knowing where I was...

Ughh, one table waited an hour to get their food..and then all but one got their food..the reason, my server forgot to mention that French toast wasn’t available..good grief…everything that could have gone wrong did...what a blast.

We took a brief break for lunch and came back to hit it hard again, and let me just say, everything went flawlessly...had you witnessed this morning's performance versus this afternoon's, you would have thought an entire group of people were out there...

I say all went well but there was one guy that was on my ass the entire day, it wasn't my server, no, it was the assistant matre all started somewhere around the 7 o'clock time frame..we were all setting up our tables for breakfast, and supplies were still coming out, so not all the tables were set just I am checking out my two tables and then this D-bag comes up to me and says, "Do you plan on putting B&B plates on your tables?" where I smartmouthed back at him, "yeah, as soon as the dishwasher planned on getting them out here"....ughh, after that he was on my shit.

When we were serving lunch I had a moment so I paused and snapped some candid shots, it's the thing I've been doing, documenting things such as my piney point a couple minutes later that assbag comes up to me and asks me if I were a tourist, I responded with we are all tourists in life..yeah, threw it right back at him...he made a comment about taking pictures while I was working on the ship, so I told him of course I wouldn't take pictures while I was on the hip, but here I'm just documenting my time at PP, he told me I should treat this like it were the ship, I told him it wasn't and he needed to chill out...

The best part is, the fucker ain't nothing right now...he's only the potential to be matre d, he still has yet to get his MMD card.sure he may have graduated, but he's still here and therefore not an he's a bottom pole peon like myself..get the fuck up off it...

So after lunch was taken care we went back to class to take one more test and call it a day..i aced my test because I don't study? It was a short day..well actually very long, just ended at a reasonable for the third day straight I made it to the gym, go me...I worked out my upper body, whatever that means, and chilled in the sauna - funny how that part seems to take up half the 'workout'

As it seems to be going, the workout and after-shower ended at 6, like clockwork for dinner..i wasn't able to herd up the usual crowd so I headed down on my own, and randomly met up with Scottie, well, Scott but whatever. It finally came to me who Scottie reminded me of, well it never really crossed my mind, but all of a sudden at dinner, everything this guy did reminded me of Ravey Davey..all his mannerisms, it was all there, it was cute in that davey like way, ha!

But dinner was good, especially after missing both breakfast and lunch..i piled the food up high, asking for numbers 1 threw 8...scott and I sat and ate for over an hour, just talking everything out, it was actually very nice..

But like all good things, we realized the next course (snack sandwiches) would be served in fifteen minutes, so we parted ways til the next day. i made my way up to the third floor looking for jenny, and I found her at her room no doubt. She said she was in her room at 6 when I said I came by, but she was listening to her headphones..whatever.

We decided that a snack was in order so we made our way back down to the wheelhouse to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches..the snack guys threw me a curve and gave me three slices of white bread, so I had to make a triple decker somehow..but I pulled it off and it was delicious..

After our quick bite, literally quick I somehow managed to devour the triple decker before jenny was even finished with her sandwich...we ran over to the auditorium where they were playing "The Price is Right" on DVD, how fun..we didn’t get there in enough time to actually play, but watching it all take place was just as fun let me assure you.

Once all the showcases were bid on and both players over bet, jenny and I took our little meander walk. Aimee and I posed for possible one of the greatest pictures ever, but it was on jenny’s camera so it may be awhile before I get it. I frickin' love that girl..

So then jenny and I continued on our walk, making it over to the ping pong tables, as always and chilled there for awhile...I got online to confirm Bree's adding me as a friend - funny thing to note, she's the girl that charles Bukowski from UofM is in a relationship fricking weird?

I started to feel anti-scoial and hating the world, so I started to make my way to my room, but jenny claimed to be done as well, and we headed up together..but not before making a stop in the café for a drink and a chance for jenny to build the creamer tower which I claimed to be impossible..oh, I also labeled the diamonds on the glass for the food on the café line so that other's may start using the number system as well..

I got to my room, Jerry McGuire was on, I have never seen it, but god dammed it's a lot like Vanilla Sky...i probably could have dubbed over the two movies and nobody would have noticed..fucking weird...

Jenny showed up shortly after that but I still claim my highlight of the day was when I made a random comment right after lunch that some girl overheard, she asked me what the heck I was talking about and out of nowhere aimee came in and translated, we were both like what?! You don't peak English? Amazing...

Me- Check it, my dogs be killing me ya'll.
G-What does that mean?
A- His feet are tired, duh.

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