Sunday, January 28, 2007

Day 14

And on the Seventh Day..
Or the fourteenth...

Whatever, today is a day of rest!

Well, finally I got a day to rest up, and oh man did I take it..well I mean actually I did'nt get to sleep in or anything, I still had to be at 'work' in the wheelhouse at 6..and even though I was just a breaker and was off by 7, everyone had to stay downstairs and 'study'..and all those who went up to their rooms, got called and were made to come back I sat there til 8 just waiting it all out..afterwards I ran to my room and to take a nap

We didn't have to be at class until 12:15, so I figured a nice little nap would be in order..funny thing, within the first hour I woke up, thinking I had been out much longer..but I used the bathroom and went back to sleep, not to wake til 11:30

I awoke and went to class, it was a very short class, all we had to do was take our final and we were dismissed, it was truly going to be a great date. I passed the test missing only a point and a half, shows you what studying is really worth, fuck all that, and went back to my room..

In my room I turned on the tube and my favorite classic movie was on, Back to the I watched that while laying down on my bed, in and out of a perpetual the point where Marty plays Johnny B Goode at the rhythmic ritual is when I got up officially and helped clean the room for the possible room inspections…

Back to the Future II followed right after the other finished and I started to watch that, but saw what time it was and decided to go to the gym (four days running, what what?!) So I did my workout, but it seemed lame today, even the sauna wasn’t hot enough..whatever, I got back to the room, showered, and got ready for dinner...

I called up to Jenny's room to avoid the problem of her having her headphones on..but the phone call was see, jenny's roommate chloe answered, and she must have thought I was someone else because of the conversation we had on the phone..she answered and was everso happy to hear me on the other line, we talked about whether I was going back home or staying, about her not feeling well, and then ended up with her going to meet me downstairs for dinner..what?

So I continued to get dressed, then went up to the third floor to meet her and possible talk with jenny, bringing her to dinner...but when I got to their room, nobody was there. So I went down and grabbed a tray..after I had my plates full I started to make my way in the dining room, where then I saw jenny, so I pulled up a chair with her. I explained to her the situation that just happened, and as I was finishing my story her roommate came down into the proceded past us and sat with some random guy and started talking, they both were like, "they you are", which left me utterly confused, but it seemed to work out in the end...

I was rushed with my dinner because room inspections were scheduled at six..which meant all roommates had to be present in their rooms at six on the dot..i imagine it to be some sort of conspiracy theory, like they drag out all the dead bodies out of the vacant rooms while we are under lock down for 'room inspections'...creepy shit

Shortly after we were inspected Jenny called me and I went to meet her at her place. We chilled there for just a bit engaging in arm wrestling and such, then headed downstairs to get a sandwich.

We sat at the table for quite come time, having several different groups of people change in and out of the seats in our duration. We patrolled the halls finding nothing to do, then went to look for aimee at her room, room 317? Well we looked and quickly came to the conclusion there was no room 317, so since we were on the third floor we just went ahead and stopped at jenny's room.

We came across some crazy British show on channel two, but changed it to watch Happy Gilmore all the way trough...and following Happy Gilmore was another marathon of Back to the Future, so of course I had to watch it..

The roommate chloe came back to the room to go to sleep, so jenny and I headed back to my room with a brief secret co-op mission to get a drink from the café well after hours, it was a success and I am here to tell you the story..or just did rather, whatever..

Didn't get too far into the movie before we called it a night, and yeah, that was that...

"Ohh, looks like the earth has revolved..."

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