Monday, January 29, 2007

Day 15

A New Week..
It Doesn't Matter Now

Don't stop push it now and I will give it all to you...

I had high hopes for the day, before it even started..yet I didn't create these ideas last night, and right from the get-go it didn't start off on the right beat. But alarm went off at 7, good so far, but I noticed one of my roommates was in the shower, whatever, just any excuse to hit the snooze...well this went on for a good twenty by the time Josh was out and heading down for breakfast it didn't leave me much time to shower, get ready, and shower, so I had to just wing it.

Downstairs I stole a box of Lucky Charms to eat while in class..and funny thing, as soon as we got in the auditorium our instructor told us food was ok to have, the first time anyone has ever allowed I whipped out the box and started to mow down, great breakfast.

Ughh, who cares about all this...I mean for reals ya' don't miss me I know - I wanna be forgotten, and I don't want be reminded..don't make this harder...

We got a new class today, that's how I knew it was cool thing is that I actually know someone from this class..they worked at the Friday's at Cedar Point, and of course everyone knew me there, so yeah...I got to be a 'buddy' this afternoon, but it turned out to be the worst thing in the world..only because the 20 minute introduction lasted an after that I had to rush the kid to get his uniform, his linens, show him the rest of the tour, and be on my way, leaving me 25 minutes for dinner before I had to go back to class...what's the fuck with people rushing me...

And class was a complete bust..we got out at 830, just in time for the sandwich, but still..i was tired from sitting all day and needed to run around....PLUS I never had an opportunity to work out, that's what really killed me...but I suppose a day of rest and stretching was for the best.

So the sandwich was fun, my roommates sat with eric and his buddy..and our table and the one across from us just got into a laugh riot, telling dead baby jokes and all..whatever it was good...from there I decided to make my appearance at the bar

As always the place was dead, but I for whatever reason gave into temptation and took one of the many offers from people to have a beer, well, actually a glass of wine. The wine was absolutely horrible, but I entertained it and once I swallowed all I could take I slipped out the back..

So here I sit with my lips all red, writing in the journal, and what do you know, jenny found me sitting on the couch


"I've got nothing...."

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