Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Day 16

Childhood Fantasies Lived, or
Growing up to be my mother...

So today was an excellent day of sorts, you know, for the most part. I got up this morning, and for once I got to be the guy to wake up my roommate who was sleeping..after all those times he’s saved my ass, I was finally able to return the favor...he thought that the bus was leaving at 745 today, when in reality it was leaving at 645, he just got his days mixed up..

So I get down to the bus and I swear this little group of 22 people were the happiest people in the world..for the first time in 16 days we were able to leave the confines of the building we have been stuck in..so to go out and see traffic, and a few stores, it was a blessing..

We got to the training facility and it finally hit us what we were going to be doing today, fire fighting training, oh yeah, that's right, we rock that much...first off we had to take a test, ten questions whoopdee doo...then we got suited up in the kickass gear.

We had some brief lectures about how to properly hold the hose and fire extinguishers and so forth...and then we had our fun...we were putting out fires and finding bodies in the dark like it was our job

I had a lot of fun with it, as I know the others did as well. We wore the breathing gear and complete uniforms..it was a little heavy, but you really didn't feel it til it was actually off of you.

I really don't have much to say other than it was a complete blast, I guess you just had to be there..after the firefighting training we were taken back to the piney point base and our day was over

"We put it out!"

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