Thursday, January 25, 2007

Day 11

It's Electric...
And my real power shows...

Sometimes I wonder what it's all worth

Another day came and went, but it wasn't nearly as bad as the day prior, so all things said that must be good right? Let’s see..started the day same as I have every other day this week..getting up around 530 to go to 'work' at 6..drying off trays til 8, class til 11 and then lunch...but this time, for whatever reason I was dead tired, so I decided to take a nap in those two roommate however, woke me up with a persistent knocking at the seemed as if you had left his key in the room...but more importantly his pack of cigarettes, which he ran to retrive..ughh

So back to class I went at 1...we had an activity to do for the entire second half of class, ranging from proper re-clothing of a table, to setting up the table and breaking it back down...oh and the fun part of lining all the tables and chairs in the entire dining room in straight lines...whatever, I was standing up so it was a good thing...

We were dismissed early at 4 because andrea had to get ready for the graduation ceremony..hey, no complaints from instead of going to dinner, I decided it best to go work out first, then go to dinner around 6...brilliant plan, all worked out well.

The gym is funny to me..i get there, ride a bike for 15 minutes, then I am left wondering what I should be I meander about trying to look like I fit into this crazy world, picking up weights, walking around with them, stretching, hopping onto machines I just saw someone get off of..whatever..then I go into the sauna, all is well in there, getting all sweaty only to come back to my room to shower

****once again I stopped******

**but let's see...I remember late in the evening jenny wanted to get online, so we headed over to the east wing, the typical computer spot for some as she played with the slow crappy connection I entertained myself as only I could..

so this place here, piney point, is very dry, I don't know what it is, but everything here is hands have done cracked and bled over twice now, it's quite scary. But the thing that kills me equally is the static electricity this place generates...without fail I can walk down my hall and when I reach for my doorknob, ZAP, I get shocked...this happens all over this campus

so I started a little experiment, sparked on by a see I was just walking around and I brushed past one of the potted plants that are scattered about, I figure nothing harmful right..nope...I received on my shoulder one of the biggest and most painful shocks from the leaf of that plant...going all the way through my hoodie and shirt..i don't know how it worked like that, but I tried again and sure as shit, POP, there it was....pain, pain, it frickin' that's when I decided to have some fun..

I started walking around and shocking everyone who was sitting in the vicinity of me, what's funny is that they were into too...they were trying to see if they couldn’t get shocked, but nothing they did could alleviate them the shock.

Soon after the crowd thinned out, but the experimenting continued.i tried different things, like taking a shoe off and seeing if could shock with my toe....I came to the conclusion that I could only if the foot I was bare never touched the ground...little things like that make me happy...of course I also experimented to see if another member could create a spark..and let me just forewarn you because I already does...and it's not a pleasant feeling to get shocked on the tip of your penis..

But apparently nipple shocking is good...and on that note I bid you goodnight.


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