Friday, January 26, 2007

Day 12

Everyone Up in My Bizness...
But they all got my back


Basically my day could be summed up in a series of quotes...but would probably also need to be explained..

So today was Friday, you know how I knew, you guessed it, they served pizza at lunch. It was a typical day, just like the rest...I got down to the wheelhouse right at 6 only to find out I wasn't put on the schedule that morning, and that I was supposed to stay downstairs in 'study groups'..but I had left all my books what did I do, went back to my room and fell back asleep..

I came down at 735, saw the group of people studying and joined them as if I hadn't been gone for almost two hours..shortly after I sat with them, Randall - this guy in charge of us in the morning - started to randomly give out answers to our final on Sunday, talk about perfect timing.

*****And i Stopped again...whatevs...****

"G-Jason, did you get a good package? - J-I got a great package - pause..."

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