Thursday, February 01, 2007

Day 18


It all ends today..well kinda

So it's Thursday and according to our NCL calandar's, it’s all over now baby blue. After a few more sped up long winded classes, it's on for graduation. This is it, the training is complete, they've crammed everything they think we should know into our heads and filled our hands with papers.

Graduation was pretty quick...just all the instructors getting up in front and giving a few words of encouragement...then our names were called and we went down the line shaking all the hands even though we knew only half of them, ended up at the hotel director where we received all our certificates saying we passed all those previous courses, yay.

But right before graduation, we got out of class and had an hour to get in that time I played with iMovie and the photos I took from piney point...I got the idea to make a slideshow from my roommate james, who has been here since class 106. He told me that I could have the slideshow played at graduation because others have done that in that hour I completely winged it, having never ever used iMovie I thought what the hey...

Well you know me, I wished I could have had more time to spend on it, messing with the transitions, the timing, all the little details, my final product I came out with I wasn't too impressed by, but still wanted to show when I got down to the auditorium I saw the group of directors all huddled together so I made my approach. I told them my story, but they wanted nothing to do with it, two of the directors were complete assholes, saying why didn't I tell them sooner, and all this other shit..the head director was actually nice though, he was going to allow me to play it, but someone butted in saying they already moved the equipment and didn't feel like moving it until after graduation..what a bunch of jerks

So after graduation as we sat for dinner I had a large group of people huddle around the table and I played it for them..they were all impressed and liked it, so that made me feel good.

After dinner I passed out, I don't know why, but I slept and I slept hard..not getting up til 845 (i actually fell asleep ontop of jenny, probably crushing her..)..just enough time for a monster PBJ...having slept in, jenny and I missed the movie that was playing in the auditorium so we had to find another means of entertainment...I still needed to pass out the huge email list I had copied for everyone so we embarked on that journey.

I got a couple people in the bar, but the crowd was thin, and all the regulars weren't around, so it was all a little off..

Jenny and I found the ping pong table unoccupied and decided to play a little to kill some time and energy..she won the first game, naturally as the first game is always my warm up game, however I did give her a run for her money...

That would be her last victory..i won the next five games and she was left in amazement..somehow from the last time we played I got a lot better..i knew it was going to happen, I just had to figure out what I was doing, then it was on like deonkey kong.

She eventually threw in the towel having no answer for her game in both senses of the word, so we headed back to my room to watch some Family Guy and call it a night.

At 1 I went a couple doors down to becky's room to say goodbye to her, she hasn't gotten her MMD yet, rather is just going home till then, well maybe if her doctor releases her to do so. She had several bags so I offered to help her downstairs with them..i get down there and a couple other people from our class were down there as while I was holding Leah's purse this assbag comes over to me and starts giving me shit...asking if I was leaving tonight, where I replied no, so then he goes off on me for breaking curfew..and he keeps going, threatening to write me up and everything..i tried to explain I was doing a good deed, being a team member, and just trying to help when leah got back in I gave her back the purse and went back upstairs...god some people, when you give them power they fucking turn...

I'm starting to hate people more, and I'm nobody's novmeber...

Happy 21st Birthday Amber, sorry I couldn't call.

"wake up, we're gona die"

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