Sunday, February 04, 2007

Day 21

Super Bears!
Right on Target!

Well, not exactly....

Honestly, I'm not even going to get started with was supposed to be a good day, I don't know what happened let's begin.

We had our little field trip to was so nice to finally get out of this place and see civilization..we had only an hour inside the store, only an hour I say because that's not a lot of time actually. Take 50 people running off of the same bus, only have one hour to shop as well, and the average dumb joe walking in a leisurely pace, you really don't have much time..

By the time I made it through the check out I still had twenty I ran a couple stores over to bath and body works to pick up some random hand lotions, since this place just eats at my hands..

I made it on the bus with 8 minutes to spare..i really wanted to run over to best buy and pick up some movies, but time would not allow and so I will just have to deal

Highlight of the day next, not working lunch..however when I did work tonight I had to muck, and that's no fun.

Jenny stopped by before dinner and I gave her some presents I bought for her at item she particularly wanted, some crazy gummy bears..whatever makes her happy

So what's the deal this year...when do I get a break while watching the superbowl...most of the time I could care less about the game so I would just watch the commercials and break during the game for snacks or whatever...and then you had the half hour for the craptastic half time show..made only good by the Rolling Stones half time show a couple years back...

But this year..this year, oh man, you had the bears - hell yes, versus the shitastic colts...whom I hate just about as much as the patriots...and then you got the commercials as well..yeah..but to top it off, fucking Prince is playing on the halftime show..what to do oh what to do?!

But let's not even talk about the superbowl...fuck the colts and the ignorant reviews by the referees...

So after the game was over I was awake and wanted to do anything but watch the post game coverage...jenny on the otherhand had started falling asleep on the naturally I did what any loving person would do..i attacked her and tickled her to where she was awake enough to fight back..well we were fighting/playing around and then james comes stumbling in and starts going off..talking about how we need to spend time apart, or go to her room, and so on and so forth..but he didn't stop there, he continued, sometimes in a mumble to himself, other times directly at me, telling me I got to get my shit together in my closet space for a new roommate..i reorted back with it is organized, and he said I was full of I told him I'd burn that bridge when we came across it, until then it's fine all neat and organized..

So while he was stampeding through the place jenny and I decided to leave..she talked something about just throwing in the towel and was gonna take more pictures again, I told her let me have one last look at it..

So away to the internet safe haven for my chance to look things up and see what I could do..let me tell you this, there are significant drawbacks about owning a mac..most free programs for random things like recovering deleted files from an SD card are really hard to find..

But alas, after a short search I was able to find something through wikipedia of all things that may recover the missing files..after my finagling of the program to figure out how it actually worked, something looking like a DOS screen format, I was able to successfully recover most of the pics...after another scan I came across the other pics that did not come up for the initial scan, but came to the realization that those pics were corrupted and not fully viewable, henceforth not coming up in the initial scan...

So all was well at that point..jenny was the big winner for the day, what with the presents I got for her at target, finally getting something else she wanted, and me recovering her photos, yeah...if only the colts didn't suck so much dick

"you know, Ohio State ran back the opening kickoff for a touchdown and look what happened to them.. - uttered by me in the first seconds of the game"

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