Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Day 24

Just Blah..
That's all

It really doesn't even deserve this sentence..

Nothing really happened on this day..i mean I woke up with a headache and from that moment on it was really hard to get going..i was sluggish all day long, even long after the pain went away.

I finally gave up on the food here..i don’t know what it is, normally I can eat anyting, and I especially like dorm like food...and they do change it up here, just some of the basics are the same, like the mashed potatoes that should be served on Wednesday, but may be that I've grown tired of the food, maybe they had bad pickings for this week, or maybe it's the fact we have been reduced to 15 minute breaks...

I guess the one funny part of the day was when I came back to my room from eating my triple decker PB&J and I walk into seeing josh and jenny scrubbing the mirror in the middle of the appeared as if the note I left for james wasn't coming off...i guess the permanent marker I used was in fact permanent on all surfaces? I don't know, I've never had a problem writing on mirrors whatever...

It was a fun little experiment..we were using everything we had in our possession to get the black ink off the shiny surface...we had razor blades, glass cleanser, salt, butter knives, colgne...yeah the latter working the best because of the alcohol content...

So any of you out there who want to get permanent marker off of a mirror or glass...just use something with alcohol and all your troubles will be solved, take it from me the guy who did it already

When it was all said and down, cleaned up and put back together I thanked them for their support and told them it reminded me of some after school know like the one time the gang from saved by the bell wrecked lisa's parents Mercedes and they had to get it fixed and all...just like in any other episode..yeah, like that..

Later jenny and I found ourselves playing some was different because I won the first game, and I told her she would win the next..and sure as sure could be, she did...we ended up leaving the series on a tie three games a piece..and we still have to do the very last series for title of champion of the world before we leave

Other than that it was just a typical boring day..i really can't remember anything too too crazy good to mention, so this will be short and sweet, the end

"I just, you..whatever"

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