Friday, February 09, 2007

Day 26

My Turn to Say Goodbye
And a turn of events..

I'm leaving on the same note I arrived on....

I woke up this morning. I actually awoke several times, but felt no need to ever get out of bed...i never checked in, to hell with that right? When the clock reached the 1030 mark that's when I decided to get out of bed, having been, or should have been well rested for the duration I spent sleeping.

So I worked the lunch's Friday so that not only meant pizza was served, but those sticking around from the graduating class yesterday, 110, had to work with I was hoping that meant I wouldn't have to work..well I got close because I was scheduled as a breaker..but after they did roll call they changed the schedule and had to actually work, whatever...i still had dinner to hope for not working, what with the movement meeting and all...

I did have a good thing happen at lunch, no I didn't spill anything on anyone, but it did have to do with that...this guy who works with me came up to me in the middle of my shift and started talking about the girl I spilled drinks on..apparently he was sitting at her table at dinner time and overheard a conversation with her and her it turns out she does have a crush on me...something was said along the lines "he's so nervous when he's around he drops the trays, but it's really i who am the nervous one.."

So after lunch the time somehow flew by..i was online for an hour before my computer needed to be charged, then I sat there, doing god knows what..before you knew it, the time was almost four so we needed to head down to see if we were indeed working. After I got down there I saw that the movement meeting was at 5 and therefore we had the night off...ecstatic to have the night off and possibly eat a meal at a decent pace...well as we now have been trained to do, we scarffed down the food in about twenty minutes..damn the man

So the movement meeting was short and we were free to do as we pleased...i ran upstairs to grab Andrea's present in hopes of finding her..well she was nowhere to be I went down to the NCL desk, walking past it, but turning around to find amy, whom I thought had keys to andrea’s office..but it turned out to be one better than that, apparently this manager actually lives with I left the gift with her as she was departing home, score!

Only being back in the room for a few minutes the phone rings and it's for me...amiee (different amiee, my amiee) calls me and asks if I wanna get a drink, hells yeah.

So we meet in the bar and drink it up..somehow amiee managed to pull off a huge glass of wine, not the normal sized glass at all, and I was in the mood for a Blue Moon...i ended up having three of those bad boys and I bought amiee another glass of that time it was shortly after 8 and that meant it was sandwich I said my goodbyes in the bar and headed over there...

But I should note, in the bar that night was in fact the infamous girl, gina, the one whom I spilt the drinks on..i did everything in my power to charm her over, especially after hearing the news she had a crush on me...i offered to buy her a drink, but of course she was too pink to drink, and was only having shirly temples..but I went back to her on two occasions just to make conversation and smooth things over..and I finally got the hint that she did have a crush on me..

So the sandwiches were good, but I was so..excited..that I forgot to add the lettuce and tomatoes..whatevs..i had to eat in a hurry because I still had a lot to do with the night..

Back at the room I started my laundry, just a small load of all the things I wore this week, and started to kinda pack..throw in a shower and just waited for the laundry to finish up..

Not too much after that..once I was finished with the laundry I was able to piece together my baggage..and I wondered how in the heck I did it the first's funny because as I was unpacking from here I thought to myself I could've packed more shit...but after struggling to make what I had fit into my bags this time, I had negative room...

But I made it, also taking along the added bonus of a teddy bear and two rolls of toilet paper in my carry on...and then we waited for 130

"we hope you enjoyed your stay, even if it was for 26 days..."

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