Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Day 31 - 4

Valentine's Day!!!
Laughter and lava

Kissy kiss and all that mushy shit..

Sooo, today was virtually my day off..well, as close to a day off as I am going to see in the next 20 weeks...i didn't have to work breakfast nor lunch...so I got to sleep in...well sorta..

We had our weekly safety/evacuation drill at 1030...which lasted almost an hour..by then it was time for lunch..and the highlight of the day was lunch..we had our ice cream social...it was super!

I made me up a little bowl and decorated it as I liked, and as I turned to walk away a buddy of mine from the pastry department, yeah that one guy, pulled me over to look at my creation..he noticed I was fixing it up, spending a little time on it, but just creating it you know...so he looks at it, then looks at my tag and says Jason, we're gonna pull you out of junior waiting and put you in our pastry department, you can plate our dishes..

Afterwards I felt the need to stay awake and do something...and even though we were docked I did not get off the ship, but rather went up to the 13th deck to sit out and look at the view..i kinda wanted to get off, but whatever, I didn't care all too much, I needed to check my voicemails and get in contact with people, after all it is valentine's day...

I was out there for an hour or so, my battery on my lappy died so I decided to go back to my room to charge it...well that's where I have my problems...when I get to my room I am tired as could be, it's a dark little dungeon, and I take a nap...i guess it's not all that bad, everyone seems to be doing it...

Well dinner time came, I made my way to the fifth deck towards the pink palace, once again missing my dinner in the mess hall...i was scheduled to be an escort once again, no biggie, I mean it was fun and all the last couple of times I did it...

One thing I found out though, people love talking to me...i'll upsell drinks, people want to know where I am from, people just love talking to me...it's all that charm or something...and I feel bad because I would stay there and speak with them but I'm just an escort...their server wants to get to them and I have other people who want to sit down..oh well..

Well the ship went to sea and I caught it just as we departed..looking out the portholes to see the shoreline coasting along..i popped only one Dramamine this time and I was able to make it the entire shift...

For whatever reason the escort/host team had to stay late, and had a bunch of side duties to do..i was uncertain of what was going on really, I mean we were still there and the reset team along with most servers were gone..i was finally able to get out of there at 1035,just enough time to run up the stairs to the thirteenth deck and catch the very end of the lava flow..

It was kinda neat to see, but we got there too late, and others said it wasn’t that good that night so we weren't really missing much..still I got 19 more weeks to catch it so no skin off my teeth..

I shot the shit with liz and Scottie for about half an hour before I realized it was that time for the midnight buffet..thank god for that buffet, without it I don't know when I would eat...though I really should stop eating so much and so late (insert my classic joke here)

While we were eating our late night meal liz and I had a conversation about my laugh the other night, apparently for her entire duration at piney point she never heard my laugh, I told her she should have been there the other night because it was a blast...well wouldn't you know not very much later we were all eating and something triggered it, I went into hysterics and this time it was cowboy who was on crowd control, which kills me even more..everyone in the mess was looking at me once again, and once again others were joining in on the laughter..ohh what a contagious thing. Well it happened two more times, and it still brought on onlookers and more laughter..i'm a laugh riot, or something like that...

And with my belly full and joyous laughs had, I called it a night and retired to my room, only to pass out within moments with the sway of ship to remind me of my waterbed days..who needs a valentine with you when you have others loving you from afar?

"oh shit, here he goes again.."

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