Friday, January 19, 2007

Day 5

The Reclusion...
Hibernation and alienation

Ughhh, are we seriously going to make it through all the different cycles by the time I leave here?

Today is/was Friday, which meant the cafĂ© was serving Pizza, yay for that? I didn't have much of an appetite all day though...I had a small breakfast consisting of 2 pieces of French toast (since they were once again out of the sliced fruit)…I tried to have lunch but the 'BBQ' chicken and rice was actually something terribly disgusting...and normally I'll eat whatever is in front of me even when it's not so delicious...but today things just weren’t so I went lunchless and drank some coffee, my fist bit of caffeine since..who knows..

But today things just seemed a little off...Eric complained of feeling sick as did Bre...maybe I'm coming down with something too..but I don't necessarily feel sick, just quiet? I didn't start the day off like this however, I got up and went to breakfast at 712 like planned, actually waking up before my alarm at 601 and everyone else was late for it so I grabbed a table by myself..the stragglers eventually came by and it was brought up that I looked tired, when really I wasn't feeling it so much, but somehow my appearance was that I was tired..whatever

Another day of classes, another day of know, I thought I quit school but apparently not. My favorite video was this motivational thing about giving people the pickle, something I think TJ would like, but it made sense and I liked it, check it out if you can?

And then we had our Hawaiian cultural class..which for some reason or another was half a day only..there is so much to cover and the information actually caught my attention for once..why only a few hours, I'll be using this a lot more than the D.I.S.C. personality placement graph...I don't get it, not saying I didn't appreciate the other things, I just didn't see how it had any significance to anything so much in particular..but all the things on Hawaii, yeah, a few hours and we were supposed to be good.

I went down for dinner around 6, alone as I believed the group to have already eaten after class...but like I said I wasn't hungry and couldn't think about trying to eat on a full stomache...I sat alone until some others trickled in..whatever that was fine..i think the A/V guy in my class either wants my cock or just wants me to be his ultra cool friend..either way I can't blame him..i'm just frickin' awesome.

So after the meal I started to head back to my room and as I turned the corner to my hall I noticed a person that appeared to be jenny heading down to my room..i didn't say anything as I followed over the same steps she just took...and I knew as she were to arrive upon my door she would turn and look to her right, looking behind I timed it out as she made the turn for my door, I made the turn for a door just a few doors down...when she saw me she was a little confused but pieced it together..

We went into my room and started talking...and somewhere in the middle of that I passed out and we ended up both falling asleep. Well since my alarm clock was in my pocket I never heard it go off at when I awoke at quarter to ten I was a little distraught…not only did I miss the movie at 830 but more importantly I missed snack sandwich time..something I was really looking forward to partaking in, especially after not eating all too much throughout the day.

So after that I was wide awake, hungry, and with nothing to jenny and I just sat up til around 2am, about the time we got tired, just talking and I showing her all the random videos and pictures on my computer..nothing much...I ate some lucky charms I stole from breakfast to try and hold me over, but mainly used the company to distract myself...

So yeah, I'll leave it at that...hopefully I won't be a bad person, but I can't promise we all know, I really don't know what I should ever do in any situation..and whatever I do, I'll regret it all, but not speak of it.

"you're so cold, you're so cold, you're so cold..."

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