Sunday, January 21, 2007

Day 7

Da Bears!
Ohh, colts...

Let's just all do the superbowl shuffle...

So everything went as I wanted...I wanted the bears to win, though I said it would all depend if the offense was having an alright day or not..and thankfully we had it going on...the defense stepped it up as well and sealed victory and a date with the for the colts Patriots game..i hate both teams...and I expected Manning to choke as he always does in these situations, but I was cheering for an Indianapolis victory..the only time you will ever hear me say that..reasoning for going with the Colts...I just think the Patriots have had plenty of chances in the superbowl..that, and the fact that everyone who likes the patriots is just a fuck..yeah

Ughh, fuck the circle was a fucking lame day, on my part that is..we had class in the morning right after I had my early dismissed early from class around noonish, went to have lunch...when I was finished with that I figured I have an entire day off, why not go to the at least say I was inside of the place (because once again if I eat at this rate I'm gonna gain weight like I'm trying to move up weight classes for the wrestling match next week) so as I waited out the hour or so I ended up passing out watching the TV..and I didn't have an alarm set, so I never really got up until it was too late..

By then the game was already I sat up in my room watching a good portion of it before finally making my way down to the auditorium to view it on the big screen with Aimee and company. Of course aimee was upset because her team made a comeback in the half, but blew it all with a safety which switched the tides of momentum to the bears..she complained of the asshole fans in the auditorium talking shit as well..which I did agree with, they were being complete assholes..and I bet you dollars to donuts that they all shut the fuck up when it was 14-16 with the bears offense going backward on almost every drive..regardless, we won!

The game finished in enough time for me to have some dinner, good thing too because I was hungry and only wasn't going to eat until the game was finished. At dinner I sat with a lady named elizabeth that I remembered from my server class..she started to make conversation and started into an apology for not knowing my name..that's when I threw out the classic line of, "well Elizabeth my name is Jason" she just sat there in amazement saying if she wasn't paying that much attention she would have never realized she had been burnt so badly. From that moment on she just kept bringing up in conversation my name, whenever someone walked by she would ask if they knew Jason, and so was hilarious, totally my style of comedy

From the wheelhouse I started to meander, a little group of us decided to go make snow angels as it had begun snowing sometime during the game..once we had made our way outside we saw a group of people finishing up on a decent sized snowman, and considering the small amount of snowfall we had, it was quite a job well performed..i snapped some pics as this was my first real snowfall for the year, got cold and went back inside. I saw eric having to work in the bar and also met up with jenny, so we went in there to chillax for a bit waiting for eric to get off of work at 8..

Once eric got off he wanted a sandwich at snack time, but I not hungry as I had just eaten opted to only sit with them..the group eventually disbanded..i went into the auditorium to check on the colts game, then back to the bar to do nothing..trying to get the A/V guy off my back I decided to go to my room and play on the computer and watch the remainder of the game..

It wasn't long before jenny came knocking on my door..we sat in my room watching the game..i couldn't tell if she actually cared about the game or if she was just humoring me and playfully enjoying it, regardless it was nice...everyone should be thankful I do not get service here at PP, because ya'll would have been getting phone calls throughout the day...once when the bears won, and several more when the patriots started to choke, and then finally collapse...fuck you patriot loving assholes...

Anyways, after the game it was somewhere near 11, and I on my high from my nap and a bears victory, really wanted to do jenny and I walked around the building, she was taking pictures with her beautiful digital Nikon camera...we made our way back over to the ping-pong table and finished out the night there...

We went back to my room where when we walked in my roommate james was once again watching the soft core porn on know it's Sunday, I wouldn't think cable channels would be playing that sort of thing, I thought it was just for the weekends, but whatever...I cracked open my server study guide I should have been looking over all day long, and laid down..jenny played with my MacBook Pro (the only reason why it's all in caps like that is because autofill in word made it like that...)..anyways, she played with photoshop and some of my pics until she realized I was actually passing out...

Another night down, another night where jenny spent the night...looks like trouble if you ask me...ughh, who knows right?

"I'm gonna put my penis in your armpit.."

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