Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Day 9

It Was the Best of Times...
It was the blurst of times...

Tuesday came and went as only a Tuesday can do.

The day got off to a great start once again...so yesterday when I had my alarm set for 505, it was set for 505pm...and this morning when I had my alarm set for 505, it was set for 505 am, just not actually set...regardless I still somehow managed to wake up at 515 somehow

I got down to the wheelhouse for 'work' with the hopes that it would be my day off, and low and behold, it was my day off..go me. So I made my way back up to my room to drift in and out of sleep until it was time for class at 8.

The day was long and it was mainly because of the classes...but both the dinner and lunches were excellent..and aimee got her seasoning in the mail, which made everything taste oh so much better..random story about the seasoning though, when she went back to her room after class to get it for dinner, but the seasoning was no longer in the place she had left it in..so we are to believe that someone, aka one of her roommates, stole the seasoning right off her dresser???

Wow..so after dinner I did the most amazing thing...I did not take a nap, yes you read that correctly, I did not take a nap..instead I spent an hour killing time, not reviewing my glossary terms, but getting ready for the gym..

The gym was an alright time..i felt kinda rushed though only having an hour to get things done..i rode a bike for it a bit...did some other random things that I am sure I was doing improperly, and hit the sauna..so yeah, all was well...

I got back to my room, took and shower and by that time it was sandwich time ya'll...so I grabbed me a quick bite to eat, all seemed well in the world...

I meandered around the building for just a bit before running into a group of friends, but they were all interested in drinking at the bar so I stepped out to make some calls and retrieve some voicemails..

Well the voicemails I had today were not on the same plane as the one's from yesterday...I may not know much, but I know distress in someone's voice when I hear it....and I knew what I was hearing yet had no idea how to react to it...

Then I called and finally got a hold of TJ, it was nice talking to him actually voice to voice rather than through our messages in the past week...he had some distressing news for me, which I am not sure how to take...but we talked and that made me happy..i just don't know what to say

I leave and it seems as if I have all these reasons for coming back, not for myself but for others..i'm having moments of altruism, but then again it's always been my nature to go out of my way for others...and not any of this false sense of self-given altruism like Brooke believes in..yes I'm still on that...it's like having your dad beat you all your life then him going around saying how great he raised you..i just don't buy it brooke, I'm sorry..

Anyways, what I'm getting at is I'm not trying to toot my own horn and say, "oh my look at all the mess that happens when I leave", because that's just bullshit...things happen and we just have to learn to live with them, making the changes and adjustments where needed..i'm uncertain of what my coming back would do for anybody, but maybe it's my problem and I just need to break away, maybe I'm too dependant on being the fallout guy, the go-to guy, the...who knows....i'm just ramblng and not making a lick of sense now..

Anyways, I was proud of my very productive day, no naps and went to the gym...but I ask you this..if all that was achieved...why am I awake now?

"Soo I'm going to IU since I believe cancer kids get scholarships.."

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