Friday, February 02, 2007


So Now What???
The Waiting Game..

After a celebration last night little did I know that would be the last of celebrations for awhile...

Today got off to a bad beginning..for starters I never woke up on time, I was supposed to get up some time before 9 to check in with HR, but rather got up at 10 to get ready for work at sucks because you have some stupid job to partake in for two hours, and if you don’t or are not on the schedule, you have to sit there in the dinning room for those two hours 'studying'

Today I was a that meant I had 20 minutes to scarf down some food..then relieve someone for their break for 20, then sit around for the remainder of the time..not so bad actually, I prefer that than the other two possibilities..

So after working I had it planned in my head to go to the gym and work out to kill time before work again at four...but stumbling on some things over the internet I lost track of time and my mind, and it all inevitably lead to me weeping in my room..

I had to go back to work dinner at new MMD's came out nor was my name on the package list..i was scheduled to work in the wheelhouse, breaking first and amiee, poor poor amiee who was supposed to be just a breaker ended up getting off of break and having to muck again for the second time today...and she had to do it til 630..

So I guess life isn't that bad..but I still thought it was. Sometime in the mid-dinner shift I went into a melancholy mood, I think the bubbles of everything sucking had finally settled down.

I'm not quite cure what I did wrong, but then again, I suppose that's the story of my life.

So I sat on my lappy in the that one area I've been hiding in..was there for a good hour or more..somewhere around 830 I heard someone creep up from first I thought it was just some random passer-by, but by the slower crept steps I knew it was jenny. She sat down with me, but I was in no mood to entertain people..i just wanted to get away from everything and call it a night..and I could tell that I was upsetting her with my tone and apathy to her presence..

We grabbed a quick PBJ as the clock turned 9, then we headed over to the auditorium to catch the 9 o'clock movie. I forget the title of the movie but it was a little was horror night and it started off like some B rated was foreign and the dubbed English over it..but every now and then they would let the French fly..who knows…but my favorite part of the movie is when there was a car chase scene in which they played Muse - New Born for the made me everso happy.

Afterwards we made a quick stop at my room but headed over to the ping-pong table to let jenny once again defend her honor...she won the first game, as always, but ended up losing the series..the last game we sped it up having only six minutes to play..well that's all we needed because I took to her the house, whatever that means..i think with those wins tonight, I may be up on her in the long run if not tied...yay for me

I suppose there was one other highlight of my day..right after the lunch shift we were all just sitting around wonder if we were free to go or not..that's when some people from 109 wanted to see my little slideshow presentation since they missed out on it seeings how I had my lappy with me, I started playing it..when it was finished this one girl asked me what school did I go to, then she asked what classes I took for video publishing, I was confused..she apparently just graduated with a degree in video production and she thought it was really good..i explained to her it was all iMovie that made it possible, but she continued on to say that she thought I had a natural knack for it as I captured all the emotions so poetically with the pics I selected and the timing of it all throughout the slideshow..she then told me I should take some stock into thinking about going to school for it...whatever, I'll take it.

So yeah, that's life...I'll take a victory on the ping-pong table to be my only victories on life..yeah, life sucks.

"you got glitter on your face...*said nine times*"

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