Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the note

no title..

and lacking nobility.

I tried to write something "privately" as per the suggestion of a friend..So i pulled out my ol journal..I didn't write much because I didn't feel like writing, but instead I wrote this..

"i was writing this letter without thinking, possibly without wanting to, but the words bled from my pen and i had no way of stopping the rhythmic movement of my mind becoming something tangible of thoughts becoming whole...and it was you that inspired this sudden burst of creativity, you that made the pen move across the page quick and unafraid...but as soon as i started i lost my way - seeings how the page had no lines and i'm not very good at keeping my place - so i had to retract back to where you left me standing, and i knew that the days were ending, somewhat like this illegible mess called a letter which you will never see."

I posted this part of the letter because it's the only thing I feel, I could...the rest is just a mess

like me

***rips out pages from journal, crumples them up, tosses into trash bag*** exasperated sigh

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