Friday, October 03, 2008

And then I lost $20

Memory Lane..
Fast Lane...

i can sit here and tell you every detail about the meeting with my father and his parents, a family that i haven't seen or heard from since i was 7 or 8, but i'll save it for another all actuality it was supposed to be video documented by my somewhat recently purchased HD Camcorder..but as luck would have it, BOTH batteries, the regular and extended life, were completely dead....i find this odd since i always charge the batteries after any and all use..if they can't hold a charge for a month or two, then what's the fucking point in having them at all...i guess i should have checked them the night before i left, but i got home really late, and of course didn't go to sleep til i used my 'digital-disposable' camera to film parts of it...most notable i did capture on film the first encounter with my grandfather....i would have liked to have gotten my father too, but i opted out due to the circumstances..

the meeting with my father was cut short, for some odd reason i knew it would i headed off, back home, i accomplished what i was set out to do, and that's all i could do. as i approached Chicago on one of the highways i ran into a typical Chicago traffic jam, i'm used to this, i know i need to add on at least 30-45 minutes for construction, rush hour, non-rush hour but everyone's out driving, whatever, i will always stop on a highway in Chicago. up ahead to my left i notice one of those Fancy Express lanes that have the barricades coming out from the wall saying to not enter, and the signs letting drivers know the express lane is closed..i thought to myself, why can't that be open now, i'm stopped...and if by some sort of divine intervention, those very same barricades i mentioned before started to pull back...the billboard flipped over and said open..i didn't know if it was for reals or not..i hesitated but then saw cars in front of me pulling left and trying to get on that express way..i quickly joined in thinking, maybe everything does work out for the Jangus...

i eventually make it into Indiana, and i make pretty good helped that i chased some bitch in a brand new BMW on I-65...well, she was going 80-85 at times, and i haven't drove that much over the speed limit in forever, so i figured, why i followed her lead..she spread me with her windshield wiper fluid, then threw out a cigarette....then she sprayed perfume at was a little weird, but i knew our speed friendship would be over soon, i figured she would pull off at the Purdue exit, and then she did..

i get home, quickly change, unload my car, and confirm that i am going to the party, err, 'get-together' the ladies down in Btown are having...after this week, i think i am entitled to a drink. i stop for fourth meal and continue south...this time not speeding, i don't need any martinsvillian hunting me down..

i arrive at my destination, people are surprised to see me, i'm happy to actually see familiar faces. it's a cas-lax affair, low key but good, we have plenty of fun with the drinking games - start out by turning Loser (my favorite board game in the world) into a drinking game, and then finish off with circle of death...which, if you followed my twitter updates, you saw that everything i said had to end with, "in bed" - the fortune cookie rule if you will.

we move the fun to the bars around 130, Dpants and I haven't had an AMF in a hot minute, so Upstairs it was. being back in that place brought about so many memories and emotions...i remember at the time living in Btown, i did not like Btown at all..but when you look back on things, you have a sort of selective memory, only pulling out the really good or the really bad..tonight took the most glorious one minute segments from every night i was out and smashed them together to make one grandiose memory. i used to do this all the time, or so it looks like in my head, i used to have fun (really?), going out, hanging out, doing things..for a moment i want it all back..i wish i were still living in Btown, still had the same old OG crew to roll with..that crowd was something similar of a cosmic alignment..a great group of people who all went out and did stuff together, despite cliques or differences, when we partied, we all can make reference to that group like you would a sports team, saying the 97 Bulls were the greatest, and so forth..there'll never be a group like the '05 OG crew ever again..and that's the memory i keep wanting to play out and relive...

the bars close at 3..everywhere i go it's something different..we assemble outside, i'm hungry and make a mention of Rockits Pizza, it goes over well with the crowd...for some reason i go to the ATM to withdraw cash (for pizza?), i get $20 out, and it was the last time i saw the $20..i didn't use it on pizza either..

We make it to Rockits, grab a booth by the window and watch a crazy lady molest the pizza vendor outside..she would later come in and questioning as to why we were all starring at her..and me being me, start taking more photos, which of course is always bound to piss someone off, this time, it was the lady's guy of the members from our group was already interacting with them, and i overheard the conversation about my stupid ass taking pictures of him..well, the guy delayed just long enough for me to pop out my memory card, pacing it into my pocket, and start shooting that when he grabbed the camera, he would see pics of all us, but none of him...everything went off without a hitch thanks to some quick thinking of both our parts..

after getting enough of NY style pizza, it was time to head back to the ladies' place..we may have left someone behind, we may not have...error in communication i guess, but what can you do..back at the apartment Dpants called the couch and the ladies were going to have me sleep in a chair. i wasn't having any of that, so i made fort on three inches on the edge of a bed of my friends..she was reluctant at first - scooting over as she told me to sleep with someone else - but i had my own blanket, and vowed to stay on my side....fuck the chair shit..i just needed something soft and horizontal..i wasn't drunk enough to roll over and play with her boobies, god willing, i just wanted to sleep, and i did...and the tree was happy...

"something bed"

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