Sunday, October 05, 2008

There's Something in a Sunday

that makes people go mad...
and think its their business..

it's almost noon and i am just bringing myself to get out of bed. i listen for a moment to hear any possible noises of others up and about at this time, a TV on, cleaning, or bathroom functions, but none of that is present - i am alone, in somebody else's house. i get up and make the bed i was just laying in, the addition of covers thrown onto me by my bed partner before her departure pleased me, i return one good deed with another and tidy up the place. i go downstairs where i find my bag and rest of my clothes, i dress, the place is still a mess from the 'get-together' last night. i play the part of the gracious guest and try my best to throw away garbage and straighten up the place.

i go to leave the apartment but i run into a problem, one that would only not bode well on my mind - to leave i have to unlock the door, and to lock the door from the outside, i need a key..well crap on this..i was left with no instructions as to how to leave the house, so i leave a note and exit. i feel slightly bad leaving the place unlocked, with a dog that didn't make a noise as i walked around, but it's a college town, on a Sunday...nobody's gonna be a vandalizing til later...

i stop at the post office and pick up my mail before i head on out of town...Sunday's are so weird to me.

i make it back to my home and start the unpacking process, getting settled back in from a tumultuous weekend all over the place. i update my twitter, check updates online, when i get a text message...who do you think it is? The text reads, "did you have sex with a girl last night?" - i love my life...

i'm confused as to what is going on, so i ask the ex to call me, she replies saying no, she wants to text...cooool, i guess there goes me figuring this shit out. we battle with texts back and forth, me not really giving her an answer for the better part of the first half simply trying to ask her what is it any of her business, why does she even care, where did she get this information from, this is all crazy. i ask her what does she want to heart, what will make her happy, she wants the truth..but why does it matter.. i eventually crack and tell her no, but it's said with more of a slap in her face sort of way, as in a "no, i'm a more responsible sort of person who just doesn't go out and fuck people to get over someone like others i may know" sort of way, then i thank you for letting me know that my sexual activity was more important than how did my visit go with my father whom i haven't seen in 18 years, thanks for prioritizing my life for me...

she tries to tell me that was her next question? she asks, i tell her it's not something text-worthy..she told me she'd call in a minute..twenty pass so i start to get ready, i need to be at work at 4, it's 3 i do the necessary S's and of course as i get back to my room, i have two missed calls, and two text messages....i love the last one as it reads, "if you're gonna be like this, then just don't even bother talking to me again", my reply - "hey, I was in the shower, coooool, got to work at 4"

i just don't get why she's been pissy with me lately - i haven't talked to her or contacted her until she speaks to me, and this is the response i get, coooool. i tell her if she cares enough to wonder about my father's meeting give me a call later...she says ok, but you already know the outcome of that.

i go into work...another bloody Sunday

"my favorite part is when i fucked a girl in Bloomington"

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