Monday, December 15, 2008

I Hate the Cold..

jews, blacks, homosexuals
..and holidays

i feel as if i am stuck inside of mobile with those memphis blues again...

one liners...that's all it seems to be, that's all we seem to of movies, books, life...maybe twitter has it right all along...140 characters is all you need to sum up something, anything more and i won't remember

i voiced my opinion about my shitty scheduling today at work, but it wasn't like i rehearsed it as it was sprung up to me at random while on the dining room i couldn't blow up or threaten anyone without a guest within earshot of me hearing it all...i remember part of the conversation going "well, what's your schedule look like this week - crap..a big pile of crap - *shocked* crap? - yeah, today consists of 2 of my 5 shifts this week....." hopefully something gets done..

not gonna lie, i was shitty to start my shift off at work today...walking into that place made me hate my life a little more - it's all the stress of not having a decent schedule or decent shifts on top of's bad enough the economy sucks right now, i'm working minimal hours during the 'good' time of the year with the shittiest shifts...coooool...all i want for xmas this year is everything

i don't fear the man who has everything to lose, rather i fear the man who has nothing

i cant wait for this holiday season to be over...i said it last night, i'll say it again, fuck xmas...i think i am becoming more and more of a scrooge every year because every year i have less and less to be thankful for or celebrate..i remember saying "something great in ohh eight", and it's almost fucking over...xmas is next week....i work both xmas eve and xmas day..i think i did last year too...i wish i could just sit at home alone and watch movies like i did two years ago...that was a good xmas...

but i learned from last year..having to work on new year's eve...i wanted to be with my best friend, my girlfriend, i wanted to be in chicago....i made sure to get NYE and NYD off...but, i don't think anything other than having those days off will happen..i guess take what you have, or can get, settle...settle..because, ehh, what's it worth to you anyways...

i hate how my room turns into a sauna at night...i turn off the heat for the apartment and the place will turn into an icebox, except my room..i'm halfway tempted to open my window...i mean i've opened all the vents all the way in the house and closed off mine..yet, nothing but 80 degrees and me waking up in a sweat

well, funk all this...i'm retarded and picked up a shift for tomorrow when i was supposed to go to the auctions..

i am my own undoing

"Fuck Wheat Thins!"


Cynthia said...

I hate the cold too.

Anonymous said...

I hate Darden...especially your Darden, because they are open everyday...that it fucking lame...but I also hate Darden because they made it so you can only get one raise a year, and I already got I get to work for shit, on shit hours...I am sorry that your Darden sucks balls...