Wednesday, December 17, 2008


and me
and everyone we know

So i figured since i talk so much shit, i should be able to back it up, enter: The Gym...i'm just a scrapper anyways, but what i lack in strength i make up for in...retarded determination...sure i'll get hit the majority of the time, sure i'll be bloody, sure i'll be knocked on the ground...but if it's one thing you all know about me..i'll keep standing back up....

so, i figure i'll add some muscle, gain some weight, get me to some sort of a healthy level and be happy...speaking of happy..working out is a blast...i'm probably the only person who can go to the gym, work out to exhaustion, and be smiling and giggling like a school girl

so i take these multi-vitamins twice a day, because i was told to, and it has made me piss super bright yellow - it's like a highlation of piss on the yellow brick road...i bet if i were to turn off the lights it would still emit light...i have to wear sunglasses to not look directly at the stream...

speaking of piss....i piss so much now it's retarded...after my workout today i swear my bladder failed, i felt like my grandpa, having to piss every thirty is like a night of drinking, after i break the seal my body tries to rid itself of all the liquid in my body to replace it with alcohol...and not to mention waking up 5 hours after i fall asleep and have to piss...i need a bed pan...

speaking of hospitals, TJ is in the hospital this week, sleeping on a cloud, eating the walls which are made of candy, having half naked scantily clad nurses answer his ever beckon land ohio...i'm glad i left

and had to get a real job and have my heart broken..fuck ohio and it's candy cane stripper poles..i'm living it up in 50 degree one day 20 the next indiana..where the purdue butterface girls go back home to their farms, the IU girls go back to New Jersey..where NWI means 'No Where in Indiana' or 'we're really chicago..honestly...'

come to think of it....southern indiana doesn't even exist to me...i mean..bloomington isn't really southern indiana...but it's the place furthest south i've really spent a large amount of time in..i mean, i've been two evansville once or twice..i've been to aurora indiana, both were for boats coincidentally enough..well, kinda...the end result at least..

conclusion...indiana sucks...and even though i probably said it last year, i don't want to spend another cold ass winter in the midwest...i absolutely hate..i'd probably sell my soul to not live in this weather anymore..i've done my time, now let me go...

"sure jesus can walk on water, but i can swim through land"

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