Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Know it's Not Much

but i know you love me..
at least i got that..

soooo, what an awesome week

i really don't know what to say the highlight of my week was...could it be when my GM told me to 'check out the schedule' implying that he did me a favor by giving me more shifts because it was so busy this week and me realizing i was put on only for one extra night..a monday night at that... or could it be i had to pick up an SA shift so i could for the first time this year reach my sub-par money goal for the week..picking up an SA shit alone is retarded but given the fact it was needed, absolutely absurd...maybe it was the fact i was limited to half the cover counts on the busiest day we have ever had at the CG...or maybe it was when i couldn't work a shift this week without several refires or fuckups from the kitchen...the best of that statement is, i worked a breakfast shift fucking hard is it?!

i talked with soapy today at work about reading my last post, about Mr B Hewey - i know..letting more people, management, know about the blog that really shouldn't - anyways..we discussed things briefly, she was in the middle of her inventory sheets and i didn't want to interrupt...she made a comment about the fraternization policies and she didn't want to get involved if it as something that was necessary..she also asked if i badmouthed the company to which i let her know that all names and places have been changed to protect the innocent, aka, me..

ohhh, how i hate these sunday mornings...i hate working breakfast in general...i never get any sleep...and then when i get home at 4 i am so tired i pass out..miss all my text messages, because people only text or call when i am sleeping, and now my day is ruined because A) everything closes early on sunday, ie 6pm, which is about the time i am waking up and 2) i will now not be able to fall asleep at a decent hour tonight...cooool

i really don't have much to say right now...i can't think clearly..i'm just haunted by the past....i had a running analogy earlier, but it slipped my mind...but here's a partial, quasi update to keep things going...i work tomorrow, so i'll do my best to get a post in..then it's wednesday through friday off...just me sitting around...waiting for my TV...waiting to watch these movies...drinking chocolate milk...wearing sandals when it's below freezing...cuz i'm dreaming of somewhere, anywhere, better than here

"i'm gonna Rick Roll your face off"

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