Monday, February 02, 2009

Cedar Point Workers Union

I've heard of pyramid schemes...
but this one takes the cake....

have any of you been added by this person, group, whatever?

the following is a conversation i had via facebook chat - note i hate using facebook chat...if you are a friend, don't ever facebook chat me, it will only cause me to de-friend you - nothing has been changed or altered, this is the original text in the original, enjoy? and if you have been contacted by this strange person, please feel free to use this as a bulletin board to post your own responses and conversations as well!

I need to know every dirt on Cedar Point that I can get... I know you have a lot.

whats the deal?

No deal, I know you skipped out on 2008, but 2009 is another year. You should consider going back. We need strict, devoted, and positive people like you

Cedar Fair never paid under the minum wage..they didn't pay overtime, which they tried to compensate with by giving bonuses
how did you know i wasn't at cp in 08
who is this?

I know a lot
Thanks for the minute, best of luck, and goodbye. And maybe I'll see you this summer

why cant you talk to me

Okay, you want to talk? talk

i asked you to talk

what do you want to know

whats the deal with this facebook profile, why the incognito, why do you want me back in 09?

This facebook profil is for every Cedar Point employee who needs a voice... Kind of like a union

employee as in hourly or salary
or both?

And I am not the one who needs you back.
I am just like you

Anyways, I have said my part, now its your turn...
One question... Why did you not return in 2008?

i asked to be apart of education
gary jokenhour wanted me to run his kiddie playland, aka macaronis part2, aka joe cool cafe
he sent me a rude email back to me when i turned down his offer
it was his way or no way
are you really familiar with who i am?

I know, and this is exactly why we am here. It's so seasonals don't get pushed around anymore

everyone gets pushed around

I know some things about a lot of seasonals. The walls have ears in Cedar Point

even salaried people get shat on
you got managers of a multi million dollar restaurant not making shit
"make me a silver tag" fuck no, more responsibility with a smaller paycheck and more hours...i'm sticking to being a server

My dream is of a powerful union one day. Have you ever had a dream that powerful? If so, you know how devoted someone can get to helping for a cause. Unions will take over this country with Decmocrates in control... And we at Cedar Point will be a part of it. I would like it if you are with us all the way. I must go now, I have to make time for all my members.

hit me up again some time

I will... Keep your eye out for me...

"This is the type of shit i put up with every day...."

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