Thursday, April 02, 2009

A Break

from you..
not from me...

it may be 2am, but i'm doing this...

i know, i know...i know what you're going to say..."way to keep up with the daily blogging" - well, if that is the case, then i'm happy you've been checking in on be honest, i've got a lot on my plate, figuratively of course, right now all i have on my plate is some leftover pretzel from rock bottom i heated up in the microwave moments ago. but apart from food, there's plenty of crap i am dealing with - maybe my sickness was a pre-emptive nervous breakdown...gearing me up for what i'm facing with now.

my head is doing a spring cleaning of sorts and right now i feel as disorganized as fuck - and for those who know me, know that that ain't good. if my life had any direction whatsoever before, which it really did not, unless you count the standard not knowing what i'm doing thing, then this is a hundred times worse.

i have come to terms with i have nothing but options open, which is true, but the other truth is, after laying out my options and my desires, i find that i'm really just getting older...older...i want to do this, and i want to do that...if i could go back a few years, i could do it all...but i'm getting older, and older isn't better...i'm not a fine wine...and my knees are about to go

i've been re-reading some past blogs...the ones from *gasp* september of last writing was pretty good...well, a couple posts are in my favorite category..because they are told like a story...i got that from reading - it makes me wanna read the waiter rant again..just to get my writing style back, though i'd get bitched at for making extremely long blog posts...

i'm going to keep this one short, just a filler for i said, there's a lot on my mind, so there should be a lot more to come...stay tuned

"defrost? defrost! how many times am i gonna have to cook this thing...that's it, i don't care if it's finished or not, i'm eating this cold pretzel!"

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