Wednesday, April 22, 2009

E-arth Day?

who actually cares?

so on the one day i'm supposed to hug a tree or whatever i did the exact opposite.

i suppose the opposite would be to yell at a tree, and i haven't done that yet..maybe the opposite is to ignore a tree..and i know i've done that...just walked on by like it didn't even exist, that'll get back at her for cheating on me while we were 'on a break', yeah, i bet i just ruined her day!

whoa, was earth day or some shit and frankly, i think you can tell, but i could give two less shits about it...i try to do my part on my own, i don't use plastic bags, i used to bike and walk to work - hell i still park far away and walk..but this being forced to give a damn, no...this is how ignorance start force feeding your fucking causes down my throat and i'll go 180 on you...awareness my ass, you're just trying to make other's lives as horrible by making them succumb to your pathetic and tolerate you...jew, gays, blacks, i've had enough...

so seriously, earth was somewhere in the afternoon and our class was on our hour lunch break so we headed on over to the mall's food court - what are we like twelve - not my idea...and who's ever idea it was should have been punched in the face..the firefighters convention is in town - and as much as they would like to be called the FDIC, i'm sorry, that has already been taken, try again - along with some schools deciding it would be an amazing idea to take a field down town? don't ask me what the fuck is beneficial or mentally stimulating about indy...there's no architecture worth noting, not a lot of original things's just a fucking shithole..the chicago fire should have happened here, and now!

anyways, food court...the place is packed, the lines are long..there goes our break for we all decided to stay together and we get in line for person makes a mention "well, we know if there's a fire we're safe" - are you fucking kidding me, i'm sure these marshalls are about to have a heart attack for the overpopulation of people in this one area...should there be a fire we would all get trampled to death..and you better believe i'm pushing you first bitch.

so as we are getting our food, to-go now, the lady asks if we want a plastic bag - as if our Styrofoam containers weren't bad enough..well, that same bitch who made the comment about the fire says yes. I am in an uproar now..."What?! are you kidding me, it's earth day and you're getting a plastic bag...what the fuck do you need it for?!" - "Well, i may have to carry it back to class" - "and are your arms fucking broke or does the bag assist in the carrying of one lightweight box?" - "*no reply*

so my turn comes up - "you want bag?" - "me, oh, yes please..yes, i would love a plastic fact double bag it..i may have to carry it" said as i throw my straw wrapper to the ground...yeah, that's right....take that mother nature....i hate my real mother so you're no different!!!

but i'll let you know, it was a really nice day today...the walk back to my car (that mile) was enjoyable..and back at home i went out onto the patio with my lappy and enjoyed the sunlight while i made this blog....awwwwww

i hope everyone catches the sarcasm in this post..if not, i come off as some sort of asshole, and i really just want to come off as a clearly distinguished asshole..not any sort...

"Go green?! i look horrible in green, choose another color please"

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Cynthia said...

Ugh!!! Who says you look horrible in green? I'm taking back your Christmas present!!