Saturday, April 04, 2009

Get It Together

i try..
and i try..

i think it's best when i don't try

when i have something worthwhile to write about...i don't have the means to write it out....but when i sit here at the computer, all i do is stare...i'm back form whites spotty from something in the wash...i sit on the couch and stare...i turn on the MSU/Uconn game for background noise....i figure a change of scenery will help things out.

here i go, checking all the different tabs on my computer screen again...refreshing pages..hoping for updates..i decide to put my laundry away and make my bed...gettting one task complete before starting another, right?

laundry is away, the ruined whites sit in the basket, i'll do another load tomorrow to see if the clothes are officially ruined, or if i can get those spots out...ughh, add that to the list...i return to my spot on the couch and snuggle up with my fresh and clean blanket. the game hits halftime just as my hunger hits my stomache...over to subway for a quick bite to eat

OHHH, as i type this out, i have a story, yes....subway

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