Saturday, May 23, 2009

Best Night in Indy

Playboy Party..

need i say anymore?!

on what could have been a really shitty day, i somehow focused in on the positive notes, or rather i ignored those negatives and made my own positives...maybe that's what life is all about after all. it's the saturday of race weekend, the day before the race, almost the last day to be chaotic - parades, alcohol, parties, and more consumption are what is on the minds of the majority of the new weekend residents of indy.

every year indy invites half a million people to come in and destroy it's town all in good fun of the sport of racing..and for those in the industry, it means long hours and getting all your bills paid in that week (unless you partake in the parties, then you're right back where you started, but you only live once..) today is in the top three busiest days of the year for our restaurant, and that being said you know tensions are high, longer shifts create a more tired, more irritable workstaff, which can create a lot of problems when people are already strung out on their last wit's end.

it was last night after i closed out my last tab and walked back to the car when i felt how tired i really was - and given that yesterday was my day off and i had only been out partying for three hours i knew it wasn't looking good for saturday.

because of all the activities downtown many streets that i normally would take were blocked off, parking a complete nightmare, but even given all that i was only five minutes late to work - good since i even got off to a late start...but the kicker would be when i found out i needed to be in thirty minutes earlier than what i thought, whoops. and it continued to go downhill from first table was sat, then left to go to the my next table was at noon..a one top, who just ordered an appetizer....but then the parade was over and we got busy..well, everyone else but me..i had two two-tops and an 8 top...and then i tried to pick up as much business in the cocktail lounge to help the bartender out...and then a 17 top was getting sat in the cocktail area..but a server who just got on the floor swooped in while my back was turned and took it from me....

after the rush was over i ran my checkout and took a break..i don't know if i was supposed to, but i didn't care at that point...i bought an energy drink and sat on the circle to watch felt good to sit...but i knew i had to return eventually and i did just that. i was energized and that puts me into a good mood - that and i like to be loud and obnoxious just to make myself smile..and some other people do too (i'm on a boat mother fucker!). my tables at dinner are nice, not with the tipping, but they are not i'm still in a good mood (even though i'm not making any money) so i just roll with it...until the last table...

so this guy makes a reservation for the busiest weekend in indy for 7 people - side note the way our tables are able to expand and open up the max you can put on a round table is 7, should you need more than that another table with an extender is a week before the reservation the guy calls back and asks for the table to be for 8, he is told that it is not possible as we are fully committed and do not have an extra table to throw onto for his party...he says ok leave it for 7...well, you can see where this is going...

it's their reservation time and i just got the prior people to leave off the needed as i am heading up to the host stand to confirm the size and let them know the progress i see a man yelling at one of the hosts, demanding he be sat for 8 people..he's a regular in vegas, he'll never dine here again, yadda yadda that's my table? after the managers get involved they somehow pull an extra table out of their asses (ok, upstairs storage) and throw it along the side of the original table, now blocking off one of my other tables making it impossible to sit.

as they are being seated, everyone from the host, to my gm, to the cocktailer who ordered them drinks are telling me what fucking pricks they are..greaaaaaat. i approach the table and use my very stern, very professional tone and demeanor with's a table full of alpha males, but the prick who went off on the host is definitely the one in doesn't take me long to break down the gentlemen and establish a comfortable rapport with them..they actually seem to like me, good..

throughout the service i am receiving high regards and very casual talk from the dominant male, i think all is well...of course until the bill comes. Man prick doesn't pay but one of his slackies's an eight top, i only got them to 700, horrible, and they only tipped $80, even more horrible..but it's my last table and i just want to get home - no sets to make, no sidework for me to do, i'm a happy man. (especially since i watched the ending seconds of the Lakers game with Ludacris, talking shit with him)

before i leave i take one more look into the hotel adjoining us - yeah, that playboy party is gonna be hella tight....if only there was a way to get in....

"boobies, everywhere!"

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