Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cedar Point

most rides..
most drama...

the number one summer job, unless you've worked there...

Can you believe it, the 2009 season has already started...well, a little bit of a later start than normal, but it's here, in full swing....and..are you going back? throughout the months of march-may i saw so many of my former friends and co-worker's facebook statuses relaying the same message, "just waiting on my call from CP" it made me start to wonder what the heck was up..these employees were not trouble makers, finished their contracts, so why would they get a no-rehire or conditional re-hire this season...

well, the answer lays somewhere between the heavens and jim rice? after i contacted several of these people about what was going on, i received some horrifying results..so i thought i'd throw my hat into the process and see if anything they were saying was real, sure enough it seems CP was doing a little 'house cleaning' so to speak - returning employees, not this year...unless you're a double blue ranger or have it in with the executives.

ahhh who was i kidding...did i really want to return to cedar point this year, after my retirement in 2007, after the blow-up in 2008..i may be awesome, i may be the "cedar point kid", but i'm no Micheal Jordan..i don't think there would be a way to pull off that successfully.

returning would just be another out, another dead-end path on the constant run called my life. maybe it would be a form of back tracking, going over grounds i onced treaded before, coming up wit the same results more than likely...it'd be like doing an experiment and getting the same results five times..so then you try for the sixth..because you're stupid...stupid and skeptical, there's a fine line, and i think a return would be crossing it..

or maybe i did want to return...part of the reason for not returning to CP in 2008 was the fact i was getting moved up to a server at the restaurant i am still at - that advancement was a big deal, and who knows what would have happened had i left for four months....granted there were plenty of other reasons i couldn't return to CP, again with the burning of the birdges thing..apparently it's not kosher to fuck the manager's niece, even though he's the one who set you two up..

i mean i do want to get out of indy, i was ready to throw my hat in almost a year ago, ok, pretty much as soon as i got here...CP would provide me with a money making opportunity, moreso than i could make her (i think)..and maybe you do in fact have to take a step back to take two forward...and at this rate, i'm about to...

so where does it all stand..well, i applied but that doesn't mean i'm going...but what if - dreams, dreams...of when we had just started things..dreaming of bigger things

"wait, didn't that place make you wanna go back to school it sucked so much - maybe that's the direction i need"

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