Saturday, May 16, 2009

Still Heartbroken

even though i don't wanna be..
..because there's nothing else to be..

it may be easier to leave than be left behind, but you'll always pack those past emotions

another saturday morning, another double to be worked, another heartbreaker to be had. i wake up and shower with that same turned the tide emotion i've had before - it's a relieving feeling, i just wished it lasted more than three point five seconds. the feeling of being able to let go doesn't come easily to me, like i've said before 'i need the closure, i just hate the endings' - i'm the "last to leave and turn out the lights" kind of the ending of series cheers..or my goodbye to JR in 2006..but the exact opposite of how i left JR in my head, it's still going on.

maybe in some sick way i don't want the feeling much as i push away i don't really want to let go, because that would be the end of it all...i know i know...i say all or nothing, there's always got to be something better than in the middle..and if the middle is as much as i can have, then i'd not have anything at're right, in a way...but i'm just a selfish only child and i want it all

i'm dressed and on my way to work, and if my calculations are correct since i am working the saturday lunch it won't be busy, but i still won't get a break, so i leave a couple minutes early in hopes of stopping somewhere to get food. it's the weekend so the street is available as well as my alley, but for some reason or another - something must be happening downtown - my alley appears to be full. i make my slow drive down when i notice an older gentleman walking up to a van, score! this sweet spot found on early enough will allow me to make a stop at my favorite new place downtown, Dunkin Donuts.

my love for DD stems from my childhood..i remember eating only those doughnuts with my family, even my father's family...when i lived in Chicago, they were a dime a dozen, on every corner - like starbucks in Seattle or walgreens anywhere else. but when i moved to Btown i found i had moved away from the loved DD. through word on the street and research i had found that any DD's in a remote distance from Btown had up and left just a few years prior to me moving down there; and that the closest one would be two hours away in Louisville, KY.

well late one night my friend TJ and i had an intense craving for DD - now the DD's where i came from are open 24/7 - so we thought the ones in L'ville had to be opened 24/7 as let's go..but the story gets a little deeper than that. i was in mid text conversation with one of our friends and i asked her if she wanted to go to DD with us, without telling her where we were actually going...she needed a break from studying and without much knowledge of what was in the area said sure...this would be the setup for one of our best jokes...

i'd say about 45 minutes into our trip she started to question where we were going, TJ drove so i did my best to distract her with other things with the notion once we were more than half-way there it would be foolish of us not to go, we were in poker terms, pot committed...we did continue our drive after telling her where exactly we were going...there's more to the story but that's another the end it turned out to be one our favorite stories to tell to date

i order some egg mcmuffin thing, without the 'mc' of course, to get something in my tummy knowing it will more than likely be the only thing i'll get to eat til, midnight? i have to start my day off right, i don't need management hawking on me about my attitude, and given i'm on a double i'm six times more likely to snap.

the lunch shift was nothing more than lame, our rush was getting all of our covers for the shift in one seating. i love to watch as the other server on the floor is running all about in a frazzled state while i gracefully glide around at a slower than normal pace, just to rub it in their face, singing, dancing, texting...just because i can. by the time the rush is over it's time for pre-shift, wow..that was a fast shift after all...

i run my lunch checkout and am told to go on break, wha??! they tell me to come back at 5:30, i'm completely in shock, and exited...until i check the reservation mapping..."ugh, Mr B Hewey, yeah, i got my first table at 5...alright then, be back at 4:45"....that's more like it...fifteen minutes for my break...the longest break i've gotten me.

fifteen minutes is long enough for me to sit down, play on my phone, and take a not so much. i drink an 'edged out' redbull as i get back in the restaurant, which i never do and it alarms some coworkers...i feel like i'm back on the cruiseship wherein i needed a new vice every week to get me through the monotony...i'm in the back dining room, but i make plans to pick up the close - there's a table specifically i want to take care of tonight and nothing is going to stop me from making a fool out of myself in front of it.

that specific table's reservation is at 10 and my manager wants to give it to the other closer, i'm not having it...after i explain to him why i want it so badly he makes a deal that the two closers, since they are both closers and their cover counts are the same, will pool it..fair enough, i'm still on it!

the reason why i want the table is not because it's a ten top, not because of the potential money they may spend, but because of who it is..and what i want to do. so who is this mystery guest? the comedian Jim Gaffigan. so if you've ever watched a comedy central show or listened to his stand up, he has two five minute long bits about bacon and hot pockets...i hope you can see where this is going and you're probably thinking, oh dear god jangus, please my plan is this, when we deliver out the food his dish will be not what he ordered, but it will be on a silver-covered plate...and the contents, a frozen hot pocket garnished with bits of bacon.

Now i know he also has a five minute skit about how he hates when people ask him to do the hot pocket skit, so i'm a little weary on how this will go down...well, really all i am imagining is one of two ways..either he'll hate it and i'll get fired, or he'll love it and that'll be that...either way i'm doing, just to say i did it.

so the entrees go out, i am carrying out the 'special' platter as my pooling partner doesn't really understand. i place the covered dish on the table and all movements around stop, all eyes are on me and this dish...i take a step back and offer my apologies what i have before him is merely my homage to mr. Gaffigan, please, do not hate me...speculation arises at the table, someone throws out the word bacon...another hotpocket...i reveal the plate removing the silver topper in classic showmanship fashion and say, both. Instantaneous uproar of laughter from the table. i then go into his actual spiel from his skit, mentioning the freezing temperature, the side of pepto, and how everything will taste like rubber for a month...i then continue to apologize making note that i know how he hates when people mention the hotpocket skit and that i truly do respect him, yadda yadda...but he loves it..i think his brother actually loved it the most though.

so in one instance my life reached another epoch...i punked a comedian on his own grounds..what more is left for me, i feel so complete with my life...i guess this goes to show what growing up an only child does to you, you have the power to entertain yourself - and laugh a lot...even if it is only you laughing.

"hot pockets"

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"hot pockets"... I just wanted in on it too! :)