Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Two on Tuesday

the double that was...
..but never should have been

the problem is that i care to much?

my day off, or so it was supposed to be...my drive to replenish my bank account coupled with the fact i am a nice guy, well, to the few who i actually have respect for, made it not my day off. i received two phone calls monday afternoon from two different employees needing shifts covered, ironically the same day, opposite shifts, on one of my only two days off...and because i like both employees and would do anything to help them out (hell, i'm helping one of them move into his new house) and because i am on a hot streak at work i decided to take them up on the offer...what was i thinking?

sure i may be on that gambling hot streak, that server high, taking home the big bucks on a very consistent basis for the past two weeks now..but i am forgetting at what cost..my health, my well being, more importantly my mental health and well being...the break i had monday, which was really having an afternoon off allowing me to sleep in and rest for a couple hours, was exactly what i needed in order to pull myself back into the throngs of work. soooo, picking up a double, so soon after my crazy double weekend seems like a bad move already..but i think to myself that i have nights only on monday, wednesday, and thursday....plenty more of rest periods and sleeping in til noon...i can make, can't i?

even though tuesday is supposed to be my day, it was no match for the karmatic kick me while i'm down week i've been having. i'll do my best to keep these stories short and sweet..as much as i can....my lunch shift was a shit on my face kind of shift....it was a beautiful day out so the patio was packed...of course i had the section furthest away from the patio so i was unfortunate to not have the opportunity to pick up any tables, unlike everyone else....so six covers into my shift it's now 1pm and i'm starting to do my closing sidework...yes i am finished for the day, but i am told that i cannot leave until all the entrees for the twenty top are ran out...the 20 top is not schedule to show up until 130...awesome..

2:20 the entrees are all ran out, i'm super shitty as i have just sat in the back while i've watched these jackpads running around taking care of their 15 covers each when all of a sudden the host comes up to me and asks me to take a two top on the patio...what? now? i've been pulling my dick for the past hour and a half - ok i was actually reading the waiter rant again (i find it helps me write a little better once i have that voice in my head, and that book makes that voice pop back out..whatever) so i see charles woodson on the patio as the table the host wants me to pick up...yeah, i'll take it...

sure it's 2:30 and i'm just taking a table, sure that means i'll be here til 4pm or so, sure i have my next shift starting at 4pm, sure i'll get no break, sure i'll get nothing to eat, sure that won't make me agitated for the rest of the night...well, turns out, that's pretty much what went down...except me finishing up my lunch shift at 4pm...no, instead i was doing my lunch checkout at 6pm, because that's when my last lunch table cashed out....so with the receiving of cash i ran down the alley over to jimmy johns, not really what i was wanting, but i needed to eat something...one number nine order and eaten in six minutes i was back to work, just in time to start helping out my partners on a party in one of the private dining rooms.

the night doesn't run smoothly either, i prefaced the evening's events to the manager saying, when i kill someone or put in my two week tonight, do not be surprised....the other party i was supposed to lead was running late..so they sat me in the back dining room, furthest point away from where my party will be sitting..in fact they double seat me, both anniversaries - which means i got to do all sorts of stupid shit for them, moreso than a normal table...and of course as i am mid-spiel in the first table, my ten top party is being sat...so the third person in my group took charge of that, making me trying to float between two private rooms and the back dining room...awesome...i really didn't matter, it just was what it was....the end of the night we are all wanting to get out..me especially, and our SA was also on a double too, so she was feeling it like i was - even though she did get an hour and a half break.

that's when shit one hit the fan...there was a confusion about tip out...apparently the SA felt we shorted her...as she confronted all of us in one of the private rooms we were flipping (setting up for the next table/reservation/business day) i pulled myself away saying i had nothing to do with the money, i didn't even know what the sales totals were on any of the parties, i had two tables in the back, that's all...apparently she checked our sales with the manager, and the manager forgot to deduct the $1000 add-on from our sales that were tacked onto one of the private parties for some past bill...we got no tip o of that, so we did not tip on that, makes sense right? well in the end we all gave her five extra bucks..i don't know why, but we did, whatever..

shit two was me and the no talent clown lady getting into it twice today. the first time was when i chilling at the host stand, waiting for my last guest to finish his food and pay his tab - this was my form of a break at the time, standing and watching my guest eat..when all of a sudden no talent clown comes up to me and starts to bitch about how there weren't any sets from lunch..i said "that's great, i've had 10 covers and i did a rack..go get the other guys who had 30 covers a piece" and started to read my book again. then she starts bitching about how the two opening servers said the close was last night was shitty and that an entire credenza was left empty...this is where i start getting pissed...i closed last night, we made extra sets at the end of the night until we couldn't make any more, nothing was wrong with the close, a manager even walked through checking us out...everything was fine..so i snap and tell her if she would have made her sets last night maybe there wouldn't have been a problem..she gets short saying she swears she made them..i remind her i was in section one and i never signed her out..she walked away telling me to head to the back to make more sets, no thanks, i'll stand right here...

the second confrontation came at the end of the night..by that time i was tired of everyone's bickering and bitching..i just wanted out of that building and everytime i thought i was getting close, something else had to be done...i was polishing wine glasses when she tells me i need to make more sets..again...and again i refuse, we just made four racks between the three of us, that's plenty..then she starts complaining about breaking the soda station..now she was in the right, but it was the way she said it, and kept saying it...i had been told by one of my partners that our sidework was coffee/iced tea...but left out it also included soda/cappuccino....i never looked at the sidework sheet and went off that guys word...well i should have checked....but she just kept nagging and nagging and i kinda went into a fit saying something along the pissy lines of "oh no, i'll take care of that too, why not..i just need everyone to shut the fuck up..seriously, this bitching...just shut the fuck up and i can do it..."

i'm about done with it by this point...i just can't keep on keeping on...i have senioritus it seems...but what's the next move...all i want is a permanent vacation...it'll be summer soon enough..maybe the weather can improve things....but, where?

"i'm not even supposed to be here today and frankly, i'd rather be anywhere but here right now"

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