Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Who Invited These Guys?!

you left..
..they just showed up

mr. sandman and his crew are about to meet my fists of fury

i'm tired of these bad dreams i have been having. for the past four nights i've had some really messed up dreams...dreams inside of dreams...i've cried in my dreams...and the same person keeps dying in my's very unsettling. there's nothing really consistent in all the dreams, other than who dies, but the people change, the setting changes, the way the person dies changes..i just don't know

i wish that my mind could deal with things during the day and give me my time of rest as an actual time of rest....i think of sleep as a form of vacation...and bad dreams are the canceled flight or lost luggage of that trip..pretty much null and voiding everything

and because i have these bad dreams, which allow for no actual resting, causing me to toss and turn all night, waking up at all these weird hours, not allowing me to go back to sleep, and making me feel like somebody beat the shit out of me sometime in between when i closed my eyes and woke up - it effects my day life, you know, when i'm supposed to be a functioning member of society

maybe that's why my managers said my attitude has been at an all time low..maybe that's why i am easy to anger..maybe that's why - i'm coming up with excuses..none of that...what i need is a vacation of sorts..time away from everything..maybe a drive, maybe a flight to somewhere i've never been before...hell, i got this passport with no stamps in it week, maybe shorter..i wish i didn't have to work and had a stock pile of the good ol days, til enron died.

"Cheer up, sleepy jean[gus]. Oh, what can it mean. To a daydream believer, And a homecoming queen[bus]"


Cynthia said...

Oh cooool, just tellin anyone about your dreams now, eh?

Amber said...

Going somewhere that you've never gone before is refreshing. But trust me when I say do it for more than a week. Money isn't everything, and neither is work.