Friday, June 05, 2009

National Doughnut Day!

if america runs on dunkin...
..consider me Usain Bolt

donuts, is there anything they can't do?

so today is national doughnut day..the first friday of june every year....i don't know the story behind it, why that day in particular, i just roll with it. so i made a mission to hit up the three major doughnut shops on the southside; DD, KK, and Long's.

my first stop was my beloved Dunkin Donuts. They had a promotion for the day, if you buy any drink, you get a donut for free..alright, i have time for that..although this is very similar to their standard everyday promotion of buy a coffee and get a donut for free...whatever, DD is my favorite, i think i like the cake versus whatever everyone else uses..

the next stop was onto Krispy Kreme. now unlike DD, KK had no signage or banners or anything informing people that it was NationalDonutDay, so i was skeptical...already having a dislike for KK this was not going to go over well with i'm sure what it is i don't like about KK, but if i had to say i think it was everyone's overhype about a sub-par product..that i didn't grow up on KK, but rather DD reminds me of weekends spent with my grandparents...that DD is part of my life whereas KK is an infiltrator...well, lucky for them they were celebrating the holiday..all you have to do is walk in and get your free donut of any kind...this is similar to their "when the light is on, come and get a free donut" - granted it's just their standard donut, it still is an every day thing...none-the-less i am happy with my blueberry frosted donut and we are on to our third and final stop.

we pull up to long's bakery, the quote staple for donuts in indy endquote. again, no signs or anything making note of the holiday, so we head inside..there's a line so i think this must be a good indication, then again, everyone "loves" long's so it could just be that..we make it to the front of the line and i ask the lady behind the counter if they are doing anything special for the holiday made just for them...the lady is aware of the holiday, but apparently long's doesn't acknowledge it and therefore are not doing anything special in terms of pricing or give-aways. i preceded to make a scene, quoting the quote mentioned earlier in this paragraph, and leave letting them know this was the final straw...i would officially be boycotting Long's - again, another dislike for another donut shop because people claim it to be better than anything dare they..

the only donut shop that could rival DD would be Square Donuts based out of TheHole..sure they are KK like, but the shape is what makes them...they opened one in Btown and for those of you who have yet to try them...seriously do...granted the one in Btown has erratic hours, if you see they are open with the sign on, go in, you will be amused and happy!

but like all good things, my holiday must come to an end...sure it is friday, but i'm scheduled? this will be the first friday i have worked since...valentine's weekend? so i suit up and head on in...but are there donuts at, i'm losing faith in people...

"today is what day? -- FUCK YEAH DONUT DAY!"

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