Wednesday, June 17, 2009


but it's just right..

because if it's not all right at first, fuck it

And to think, when i started getting back into blogging at the beginning of this week, i originally had to 'pace' myself because i was a day ahead of my, well, i'm like the bulls struggling to come back from behind...

so after all my visitors have come and gone it's time to get things right on my, naturally i take on too many large tasks at one with the induction of so many different things into my life, it's only fair to say it's causing a strain on me.

i want to keep writing, i would really like to write something every day - i get a kick out of looking at my blogger homepage and seeing all my posts, with all the dates they were posted next to it in a numerical succession...i know i've said before to others, if you want to write, then f'ing do it, so i really don't have an excuse..but sometimes i avoid writing because i know how long it actually takes to fully make a blog posting.. granted ideally i try to write a blog in one sitting, no interruptions, and definitely on reading back on what i's hard when i'm sitting on the computer...people will only IM, or facebook chat me when i'm writing (and ughhhh, facebook chat is the worst - only because i am then locked into that tabbed page in my browser, not allowing me to go anywhere else..)

something else i tried to get back into this week was going to the's been since my sickness back in the middle of march since i was dedicated about going. since march up until last week i probably saw the inside of a gym for a count less than double digits - and it shows.

i'm an all or nothing type of person, i'll either do something fully right, or not do it at all...doing something half-assed or temporarily is a waste in my opinion. like there was a time i wanted a display shelf for my salt shaker collection, i had this grand layout of what i wanted. then someone suggested to me to make up something not as grandiose in the meantime to hold the shakers - i scoffed at the idea, why would i waste money, time, and effort of something that wasn't up to my standards, something i didn't really want, something that was just going to get replaced..

same goes for actions in my life, such as the gym...sure there have been days i probably could have made it into the gym, but that was only a couple times a week..the other days were chockabok full, so any weight training would render useless .... you see where i'm going with this...

so i like starting clean slate, cold turkey, big/powerful movements..and in the process of doing so, i can take off a little more than i can chew...starting blogging, and working out, and other things all on the same week, the same day, it can get a little hectic...i naturally take on more than i should, but i am able to handle it just as well...

like the other day it was lunch, and my manager asked me to pick up a table because the server it was assigned to couldn't get to it....picking up that table would make it my sixth table, mind you i have a VIP all the way in the back dining room long story short, i pick up a sixth table no where near my section, because the other server couldn't handle his third...

did i stress..well, i never really stress or am in the weeds at work..i just have to work a little faster or manage my time a little more it is changeable during your shift on the floor...

so yeah, just wanted to give y'all a little heads up on what's been going on...that's all i got, i'm busy, lol

"i have more tables than anyone else....any everyone is running around like retards at a fun house"

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