Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Here we Go, Again


this post was originally set to choreography on treadmills but has been modified for your approval

alright, after several messages via text and fbchat, i need to get back into this...and here i thought i was on summer vacation, guess not...i'll write again dammit, if it's the last thing i do..just had to...clear up some things?

i just finished a blog post that was typed up and sat in limbo for, well, almost a month it seems...and it kinda just ends, so i apologize for that..i don't remember the direction it was going, but i picked up just like spielberg picked up on A.I. and made the ending as shitty as possible.. i also write the iphone blog and posted that which was the day and was in my mind to be wrote since that date....now as for anything in between....well, i'll maybe write one more post, maybe two, just thrown in there to get us up to speed...but if you don't see them in the next couple of days, you can stop looking for them, as we will be progressing forward

i don't work til 530 today, and instead of going to the gym, or laying out by the pool, i have forced myself to stay in and write something for my restless public, yes once a martyr always a martyr, lol.

i just got back from my chicago fourth of july trip, photography classes are now over, and in three days i'll be in LA..there, caught up enough? ok ok, lot of explaining to do i know...and yes a lot has happened...and yes i've been wanting to blog during this dead time, but i got too afraid of what certain people may read, or read into...and i had to pocket veto my real thoughts and opinions, thus sacrificing the every day blogging i was trying to achieve....

now i'm not one to not post publicly, but there does come a time when i'll go old school and open up one of my paper journals to write in....this time, it didn't happen..i don't know why, it should have, but i just let it go...so another chapter of my life i failed to detail...but let's get back onto topic.

oh, it's tuesday, which means michael jackson's ceremony is eating up every bit of media for the day, cool..way to launch a blog comeback..overshadowed again...but that's all for now...i'm hungry and the way of the sub is calling...stay tuned for more lackluster updates :-D

"he's just a pop singer, not the second-coming..."

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