Wednesday, July 08, 2009

It's Been Real

It's been fun...
but it hasn't been real fun..

OR it's cool man, i got this on my own

i'm in a real pisser of a mood...yeah i know it's cas/lax/thurs and all, but i think that's where my trouble began..well, i was doing my best trying to keep in the spirit of the once a week holiday, but it was others who did not want to participate, rather, they were anti cas/lax/thurs.

it didn't help at work that the regional director was there stressing out our GM more than usual either. what should have been a routine thursday double turned out to be a crapshoot. the morning bartender never showed up, so i set up the bar until a replacement was able to get in...but the kicker was that the credit for it was given to the man who brought me one bucket of ice..Mr B Hewey told everyone and even thanked the other server for "setting up the bar"...apparently when Mr B Hewey asked me to do so he meant to ask the other guy..whatever..

and so i closed lunch but was denied a break...yes, denied, so my break consisted of me pooping...which was harder than i thought it was going to be...see, some jackpad locked the door behind him AFTER he left....soooo sat the empty restroom, locked, so nobody could get in....thanks a-hole..

as for the night shift, well...let's just say 6 covers, barely making triple digits for the entire shift, both included...i was just happy to be out the door before ten...but from there it went from bad to worse...

i don't want to get into specifics, it was just one thing after another...and i let it get to me...and i turned into a whiny little bitch about it all...all i wanted to do was drink...but upon arriving home as i got out of my car i could hear loud music and "screams" which were supposed to be singing from some drunks in my apartment - nothing like a buzz kill. i tried to go into my own little world, ignoring the fools and cracking open a bottle of rum....but it proved to be pointless, so i went about finishing up my laundry and pouting.

i actually waited two hours before i wrote this blog as it probably would have gone a completely different route..but i digress, still gets to the point about how pathetic of a night i had without getting into the mushy details of it all...because...i really don't talk about things anyways..

i guess this makes up for how awesome last week's thursday didn't have to end this way

"why do i wanna see your tits, how is that gonna make me happy...ok, there they are.........why are they pointing up, that's just weird..definitely not happy but more weirded out by this whole situation, thanks"

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