Thursday, September 16, 2010


Why are they so fucking stupid, or
why do the stupid ones flock to me

am i some sort of magnet that attracts these fools???

because let's face it, as a magnet i would not be able to attract people like me; cool mother fuckers who are smart and so forth...and these people are definitely in my life by the numbers. Eventually they make their departure, but not before ransacking the place, ie my fucking head.

anwyays, the following is a conversation i woke up to on my computer thanks to skype being open all night

N: i WILL SAY IT just once and will be completely honest to you, the change in my moods and attitudes is thanks to a clinical depression, which I am trying but facing huge difficulties to handle
N: I am telling you this so tha you can stop contacting me
N: sorry J
N: goodbye
*4 hours later*
b: wait, are you asking me to stop talking to you? because that is not what i want, but if you do not want me around, then i will go

and that was the last i've heard from that person....odd

but the day only gets better when i decide to text an ex to send my regards on her recent, well, recently made to my knowledge, engagement

B: A little overdue, but i believe a congratulations is in order for you
four hours pass
C: Why do u care
C: Anfd why do u talk like that
B: Wait, I'm confused - talking like what? And I just wanted to extend my I not supposed to care? I mean, I hold no hard feelings
C: Why should u
B: Why should I to which part that I said?
B: You're someone who was apart of my life at one point and like I said I don't hate you...I'm sorry if I shouldn't have said anything at all
C: Ok but I got engaged in may and ur just now saying something... looks like u were needing an excuse to talk to me
*my blood starts to rise*
B: Ummmmm no - I just found out today actually - no excuse, just being nice
C: Oh from who cuz we aren't friends
*still rising*
B:I know we aren't friends, otherwise I probably would have known sooner - but it has come up in conversation with X and W
C: Go figure...I knew they were playing as ur informants
*shock, blood pressure encroaching redline*
B:You make it sound like some conspiracy against you...just casual conversation - they thought I already knew..and that's all that was worries
C: Why
B: Why what?
C: Nothing pls just leave me alone
*we've hit breaking point*
B: I was saying congrats, being need a reality check and grow the fuck up - stop being such a fucking bitch - if this is how you are acting to people now, I don't know you nor wish to know you. I have neither the time not the inclination to explain myself to a woman who I've been nothing but nice to, forgiving, and kept my distance, and then questions the manner in which I do it. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way. Otherwise I suggest you fuck off

*end of conversation*

So that pretty much sums up today, granted there is other shit going on as well...neither the time nor the place as i am growing tired..but wanted to fill you in with the randomness..

so there you have it.

"ahh crap, auto-correct changed my misspelling of "hate" to "have"- that changes the course of this conversation completly...i don't have you...i don't hate you...fucking iphone..."

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