Thursday, October 21, 2010

We Talkin' bout Practice

warm me up,
put me in

I need to get back into the groove..

No, that's not a "that's what she said" joke, i honestly need to get back in the groove of writing again...and of course the only way to do that is to, well, actually do it. So these (re)start-me-up blog posts I'm making, although yes get published as finished works, they are the practice writings til i actually get better, if ever..

that being said, my football team had practice today - let me point out that every day the team meets up, we have a different group of 11 guys show up - i feel as if i'm making some sort of matrix to see just how many different variations of groupings we can far, it's annoying.

I won't bore you with the details of the team (at the moment), i'll be brief and say practice went well, let's see what happens in the game next week. I suppose the real part of why I mentioned practice is because of what happened at the end of it. As we were finishing our last play a random kid walked over to ask if he could play - and when i say kid, he had to be like 12? I'm horrible with ages. Anyways, everybody had something to say about this kid wanting to play, and after tossing the ball around a couple of times, he waived over his other friends, who naturally kept a safe distance away.

they joined and wanted to play as well, again everyone on the team had something to say, whether it was a groan or an ok, there was not going to be an agreement met. One player asked me, "yo coach, how do you feel about having these kids play with us?" I was welcomed to the idea of utilizing the kids as a pass rush, but knew as i said it, others wouldn't be ok with it...

so the balls were tossed around, some stayed, if briefly and played, others ended the practice and walked off - but the point i'm trying to get at was this. within the group of four boys was one girl. She was adamant about how she could catch a football (and she could), throw a football (and for a 12? year old she could), and how she wanted to play..tackle.

Now I know the term "tomboy" comes to mind, however...there was something different that would overpower the tomboy term i would come to find quickly. What was so odd was her realization of self. now it may be true that i do not have a lot of experience with kids, well, it is true - no siblings, no real deep family with cousins and all that jazz (that i ever met) so i just don't know what it's like to be around kids. I typically think they are all innocent and stupid to be honest.

I think other than this time (and that time three weeks ago at the IU tailgate where I drunkenly played catch with some random kid) i can't recall the last time i was around little kids. for some reason i see this as fucking with me as i am a parent later in life.

I tried then, and pretty much the rest of my day, to remember what it was like to be in 6th/7th grade, being 12, what thoughts were going through my head. This only caused me to drift into a surreal like state.

Ughh, I keep drifting in and out of thought here on this..and you all know how i hate to have my attention diverted for more than a second while writing. I feel utterly and completely exhausted, and i don't know exactly why. So instead of doing my homework that is due in an hour i decided it would be in my best interest to write...followed by me going to bed

though i just want to stay awake, fight the tired, stop dreaming.

"Soooo, it's 5am and i'm wide awake, but about to get in bed...yet, for others, they are just getting out..strange world i live in.."

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