Wednesday, November 17, 2010


i always remember..
until i forget....

and then I'll eventually remember that i'm forgetting something, i just won't know what...

So, as it goes, every-time I start to revive this thing it takes me awhile before getting back into the swing of when Michael Jordan came back to the NBA after his short stint playing for the White Sox, his jumper sucked, the Bulls didn't get another title..but after that..oh brother, after that they went on for another 3-peat...yes, yes I did just compare myself to the great Michael Jordan, deal with it.

And let me tell you, this picking this shit back up, it's a daunting task..I usually tackle the task of writing head on, blitzkrieg attack my posts, coming out in a day to day right after another...until I realize I didn't save any for the swim back. I wear down, get wore out, no longer does it become something fun to do, it's a chore, no longer a hobby, but something i have to do.

Just about the time last when I was trying to write, but it all came to a swift end I had a vision of how I wanted my future posts and blog to be, a vision that would have lifted some of the weight and stress of writing every single day...but the plan never made it off the drawing board, no true test model, just an idea..that lay dormant....until now.

I had forgotten this brilliant idea that would have saved my "life" had i put it into motion. The idea is something similar to that of what you can see on Tumblr. Having the ability to not just post lengthy, long-winded stories, but quotes, quick blurbs, pictures, whatever the case may be...just so I am not writing a thousand words a day in one sitting, while trying to live my life as well.

The idea really came to fruition around the time the "labels" were made available on posts...if you look through all my labels you'll see certain things like "quotes", "stories", etc...having the ability to structure my blog and have posts easily accessible under the little "tags" would allow the blog to be multi-versatile, able to let me go in different directions, therefore taking off some the creative stress from my back, by adding on a new kind.

so the question really remains, if this idea looks so good on paper, why was it never implemented, why didn't it work? Maybe because by the time I remember my saving grace idea I was already too burnt out on it, I couldn't undertake the daunting task of doing something different, let alone anything for that matter.

But this time I seem to have blown the dust off the back of my mind just in time..this idea has stirred new ambition for future blogs and a hope for tomorrow. Will it last, we will just have to wait and see...

"..Shit! I don't remember what I forgot!"

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