Monday, November 22, 2010



something of the sorts...

this goes along with the post I made just the other week about reshaping the structure behind what I post. One idea I had consisted of telling a narrative, a story from my life in an epically long, multi-post fashion. The key is I would post my normal posts and what not, and every third day or so I'd throw in a new chapter in the story..

I think it would take a lot of talent, a lot of memory, a lot of hashing up old emotions that I really do not think I have the time for...but again, I feel as if these stories need to be told, the sooner I get them out, the better and more precise they will be

So if you want the made for TV mini-series of a love affair gone sour hit me up..i think i can still do this...after all, this is what i do

"Now that everyone knows, the statute of limitations on my promise not to tell my story have expired..."


Joe said...

Way to piss me off!!!!!!!!

Jangus said...

Awww, way to defriend me, on both accounts too! lol

Joe said...

Don't be such an assnugget!!