Tuesday, November 30, 2010


NOT more important
NOT any better

it should be fair across the board dammit!

So, in light of one of my more recent postings I became under fire for my arguing with a professor, mainly calling me out as being "lazy because i don't capitalize my i's" This is true, I, for the most part, will not capitalize my i's...it's not because i'm lazy, it's just that i've never done it.

When I gets capitalized on my assignments it's because Word automatically corrected it for me, thanks Word. But when i type on here, there is no auto-correct, so 90% of the time the i sits there all lower-cased and shit. The times i do capitalize my I is because it's almost been instilled into me, and depending on the time of day, if i just did homework, wrote an email, etc, then the capitalization bug is still with me.

but let's take a logical look at it for just a moment, shall we? Or maybe I should say, shall We? Oh wait, no, that's incorrect...another other pronoun, be it: we, us, they, them, it, he, she,you does not get any capitalization..what the fuck is up with that?! "I'm sorry but we do not get any capitalization, but if you stand right over there I will..."

What kind of pretentious mother fucker made that rule?! Some self-absorbed asshat was like, damn I'm so awesome that when I talk about myself in the first person using a pronoun THAT too should be capitalized...next thing you know, that person started talking in the third person just to prove more of a point of their doucebaggery...

you know, walt whitman said funk all that and didn't even care to capitalize the letters in his own name.....though i cannot find reason as to why he didn't..no time to investigate..continuing on..

anyways, i'm not a fan of capitalizing the i...it's not lazy, it takes my hands off from the very important keys..shift...fuck shift...it's allll the way over there in the corner...oh shit..there's two of the fuckers, that's how unimportant they are! they want you to use them so badly they'll put the stupid keys all over the damn place...give me another function key, two delete keys, something i'll actually use....my fingers have no time to press two keys at one when the outcome is only a larger letter..that's what CAPS is for...


"you know, when i is capitalized it just looks like a fucking lower case l..."


Joe said...

You are lazier than a Mexican!

Joe said...

That awesome Wolverine education. Lol