Sunday, February 13, 2011

13 Weeks



The past three days I've wanted to write, a variety of topics rolling off my head...heck, the night prior and even last night I tried to start something..pulled the lappy up to me as I curled up on the couch...that was about as far as it got. So now, in my final hours I am forcing it out of me. hungover from two straight nights of alcohol consumption I must break through this muggy mess in my head and put my final words together.

I'm not quite sure what to really say, and I can't even remember what it was I wanted to write about, so I know I aimlessly meander throughout this post, you've been warned.

In addition to this post I have also undertook a mini-goodbye project of sorts. I can't leave without doing something, not necessarily big or crazy, just something. When I left Btown in '06 there was a huge going away party, and sure it was fun, it wasn't my note to go out on. Instead, just days later, on my actual departure date, before I headed onto the highway

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