Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stir Crazy

Not the noodle place..
the place of mind...

that only things place can cause....

ok..ok....ok. It's not even been a week and I'm already going stir crazy. My day consists of doing a lot of nothing, consuming a lot of time, which only moves slowly...getting less sleep than normal (for me) and not having an outlet of any of this balled up energy..

Even the internet has lost its's that bad.

Here is the run day of my day...long five hour shifts. Let's say this...lights are at 5am..we do a morning clean up, head to's 0630 and it's now time for my first shift: Fire watch. A five hour shift where I roam around the squad bay..trying to keep busy by constantly making racks, sweeping, picking up trash, texting, not watching TV, whatever...

Now it's 1130 and I switch over to Standby...this is when I can take a nap, get on my lappy, do mindless things, as long as I stay up front just in case QRF (explained in a second) needs us..five hours pass..sloooooooooowly.

it's 1600 time for chow for thirty minutes because at 1630 I'm on QRF - Quick Response Force...this is where it gets the worst...I have to sit in these desk chairs for five hours, not getting up, or falling asleep, or using electronics, or doing anything that would virtually keep me from wanting to suck start my M16A4 Service Rifle..there's a TV in front of us that is constantly playing movies or shows..but the variety sucks and I can never find it in me to watch...the Boondocks, as hard as I try it's just not quality stuff being shown..

After those five hours the cycle starts all over again...maybe this time on post I'll be on firewatch, or rover, or front post, or routes...something for five hours...followed by standby for 5, followed by QRF for five...these are my days

I have a rack..somewhere in the back of the house, but I never get to sleep in it..I have spent more time in my wall locker getting stuff in and out than I have spent in my own own bed is available to sleep in during my liberty...which we get every two to three days of's a very daunting process...

And with all the fuck-ups we've been having lately our liberty keeps getting secured, aka taken away...why just this morning I got in trouble for "not being on my post" last night. it was the 2130 to 0230 shift I had firewatch...I was up, i was awake, i was patrolling the squad bay..heck I have witnesses that can testify that I was doing my job...but because the stupid fucking scribe "couldn't find" and can "never find me" I get blasted for not being on my post..

I tried to explain my case and present the evidence but it was too late, my NCOs already got the message...I love it..I get in trouble for roaming like i am supposed to do..not sitting on my ass watching the TV like every other no point did anyone call out my name looking for me, heck i even passed by the other fire watch members...and how the fuck can you not see me, I'm in an orange road guard vest for crying out loud!

whatever, this is lame...I cannot even begin to imagine that I have to be here for another four weeks..five weeks whatever...August First will you just hurry the fuck up so I can go to school or something...

I need something to do..

"Scribe - I looked for you last night and I couldn't find you..
Me - Funny because I had the same problem, except the only difference was I was walking my post..I didn't see you around anywhere"

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