Saturday, June 25, 2011

WHAT?! To Do...

take time
to make time

what the heck does that even mean?!

is that even bloody possible? I'm trying to think of some random situation where it is possible and I'm drawing a blank...take blank to make blank..still not know what would be nice, if I could just hang onto my laptop all day (well, ok, maybe not while I am on post, I understand that's like real work) but during QRF, I mean that's five hours of down time...

you know what I could do in those five hours...I could play a video game..or even better..I could write..maybe write one of my stories, a script, a short story, an allegory, something..

I could write my LC story..but I just don't know how to start it...give me a beginning me with that..if I have the beginning I can make the rest happen...they say the waiting is the hardest part, is writing the damn introduction to something

ok, I'll get crackin...Kracken...Trackin?

"Knock knock..."

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