Sunday, July 03, 2011


I'm gonna do my best..
and by best i mean this..

which is just pressing my fingers on this keyboard here...

I'm fighting off sleepiness trying to put thoughts to text here and i'm failing at a very interesting rate. I'm on standby, was just called a dick because i'm passing out in one of the "prime spots" granted there's only me and another guy here in the computer area...had this been during the busy hour i could see an argument..but 1800 on a sunday? what the eff ever.

i should be sleeping..this is technically my sleep time and i won't be getting much for the next couple of's the frickin' fourth of july, I'm a Marine, and I'll be working on it...laaaaaame. Any other Marine in the US gets full 96 (96 represents the number of hours we get off for liberty..96 is a four day weekend) but not for us..we have to...guard things?

You know, any time I have had to work on the fourth i have hated life more than anything...and it wasn't until 2006 i vowed to never work on the fourth again....

in 2004 i was working at a restaurant, on a "double". I worked my lunch shift and then went on a break..trying, pleading to get cut for the night. So when i returned back to work for my dinner shift i noticed i wasn't on the floor plan.I got my wish, or so i thought...that was hardly the case. Instead I was part of an "elite" group who were on *cough* standby *cough* Yes, standby..the equivalent of restaurant purgatory. So me and a few other employees sat in a booth together, albeit complaining, waiting...and waiting...just in case we were needed..just in case we got that rush - of course anyone who's ever been in the industry read those last lines with such cutting sarcasm that cannot accurately be replicated in any stale form of writing...

Long story short i eventually got the cut and was able to make it to my Fourth plans and watched some fireworks..yay

in 2005 i only had to work the lunch shift, all was well...but in 2006, that had a moment of history that would change the course of time from then on out. I was working at the Johnny Rockets in Cedar Point (America's Rockin' Roller Coast), my first season. It was already a tumultuous season and this was hitting the half-way point for most of the crew. I worked on the fourth, a double, because at that time, I didn't care about anything, I was just there for the ride...oh how quickly all that would change.

People remember such mundane things like their first kiss, first baseball game, whatever...servers...we remember our first walk-out. On July Fourth in 2006, after 3 years of providing service for others in the form of a waiter I had my very first walk-out. Let me explain the's the evening, sun has gone down fully, and the park is coming to a halt. The restaurant is nearly dead, but then a group of teeny bopper girls come into the building, of course it's my turn to get sat as i just cleared out my section...I take the order, expediting them, trying to get them the fuck out so i can watch the fireworks...

As the first booms go off I make my way's not too long before my server clock kicks in and tells me my guests food is about to be up..waiting just a few more explosions later I hurriedly make my way into the restaurant, grabbing up the burgers, half-n-halfs, and chicken fingers, and delivering them to the table...staying in the restaurant to make my one minute/one bite check back i can peer outside and see the reflections of the exploding fireworks lighting off the surrounding buildings, grounds, and rides. After the checkback I rush outside just in time to witness the grand finale. It's in moments like those when you can really lose yourself from the reality you are living in, that's why I needed to see those remove me from what it was I was doing with my life...

After all that was finished, the crew made their way from the back alley, through the restaurant, and to the was time to put on "our" show...apparently because we had an almost empty restaurant we had to get people in..and what did we do to do Our management team had the brilliant idea to make us dance to all 10 songs...of course, we didn't know this going out there..

After the first song fades out we about face and start to make our way back in, which is when and where we were greeted by said management team to turn back around and continue til further the third song most of us are confused, looking the middle of the dances i keep turning around to check on my table..again, server instincts are kicking in..

I'm not allowed to go back into the restaurant, managements orders - heck i even tried at one point - i was met with a hand and a finger..there was no winning this battle..all i could do is try to keep my eyes on them, even though my back was turned the entire duration. The last song and dance wrap up and i hastily make my way in the restaurant, dashing to my table where i find people, no money, just some of the garbage left behind that a busser was just then cleaning up..

I was just walked-out on...I could no believe it...what makes this story even better was the fact I had just had conversations with another co-worker a week prior to this instance about how I never had a walk-out in my serving career..I took pride in the plus karmatic state i was in, oh how the mighty will fall.

Of course the first thing I did was to call that very co-worker up with the details, and the second thing I did was I made that never work on the fourth again, i was over it. I couldn't allow myself to be working, at an establishment, on a god forsaken holiday...i didn't see the sense and could not comprehend how ignorant people and corporations could be..

then I went to work for a place that was open 365 days a year, but let's not go into that...Even there I was able to get the fourth off and continue on with my life as scheduled...

Now I'm working for a government agency, the frickin military, and I am not even rewarded with getting..not just any holiday, but the nation's independence day thank you...thank you everyone..thank you to those who will be celebrating under the blanket of security i am providing for you and those who have come before me..who have to and had to work on the fourth...


"Me- Those fucking black bitches just fucking walked-out on me!!!
Manager- Oh, they just have to be black eh?!
Me- Yeah, because if they were any other color they would have paid their fucking bill!"

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