Saturday, July 09, 2011

The Write Structure

emotionally charged..
..positive writing?

that's a chemistry joke...get it? like..electrons=emotions...nevermind...

I do my best to write as often as I can...most of the time I want to write I am in no place to do so, no access to a lappy or the internet, or I just do not have but a few seconds, hardly enough time to sufficiently adapt my thoughts to words...

But every now and then comes a time when the stars align; I have the time, the lappy, the internet isn't being a bitch, and last and most important piece falls into place...not just something to write about, but something I'm charged up and wanting to write about.

Just like an athlete, a fighter, a warrior, or someone in a life or death situation gets that sudden surge of adrenaline flowing through their bloodstream which allows them to accomplish superhuman feats, thus is the same for my writing. I know not every day I write is a masterpiece, because not everyday I'm filled with that raw emotion..a lot of days are just blah...but then, something happens, something to get my blood flowing and my fingers pecking..those are the moments when greatness occurs.

However just like redbull gives you wings, it also sends you crashing back down to mother Earth once that sugar rush is over..what's leftover is a slow, lethargic ass dragger of a corpse. Same goes for the writing. I try my very best to stay on topic, to stay on the 'larger' picture or topic, and I do so for a good three-quarters of my rant...but then, the emotional push I had breaks down the flood gates and the real story starts to come out...the last part of the blog post becomes personal, relating back and revealing the subject that brought about the general topic. I start to lose focus, and the once brilliantly crafted piece of work starts to fall apart, in a very similar fashion of that infamous runner (Chris Legh) collapsing at the finish line...

The harmonious structure that once was is no longer; the final words meshing together just as if there was a four year old attempting to play the piano..I apologize for all this. I try to keep everything on track, but the very emotions that made the whole post possible is the same bit of discourse that destroys it.

I hope you all understand this and can bare with me in the future..

"letting my emotions show through means letting my guard down, then you're vunerable to anything...even shitty writing"

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