Sunday, August 21, 2011

Best Worst Day Ever

was a mind fuck

and it all started with my button coming undone

Saturday was one of those days…on of those days you want to tell everyone rush to call/text/find any of your friends..and when you finally get a hold of don't even know where to try to start rambling, but it doesn't make an sense, less sense than normal that is - and that in itself is a feat. After all was said and done, when I finally given up rather i didn't know whether to go for a walk to clear my mind or to lock myself up away from everyone so the weird shit would stop happening…yeah, saturday was that day.

my first weekend with having a roommate - yes, still angry about it - so i wake up to him rustling around, turning the TV on, and watching a's not until the final thirty or so minutes I actually wake up and start watching it too. The movie ends and it couldn't have done so at a more perfect time, i look at the clock and see that i still have twenty minutes before the chow hall closes - amazing because last weekend i somehow managed to make it to the chow hall only once..and that was for dinner, definitely not brunch. I hop down from my bed and start to gather my clothes i carelessly threw under last night. Shirt on, hood on, shorts first snag of the day…this should have been the indicator that i was in for a crazy day. the button popped off and went clear across the room - no i'm not a fatty, it id't bust when i tried to get it on like that…it just popped when i went to grab ahold of it….should have saw this coming though, i did just cut a super long IP from it the night prior….

Adapt and overcome right? So i zip up the shorts and throw on a belt, making sure it's nice and snug - who needs a button anyways?! So i gather myself, continue getting dressed, and head across the street…I'm excited that i actually made it to the chow hall before they closed on the weekend and overlook my missing button as i sit down with my food, soon realizing i'm still not fully awake..

it's the weekend so i do my weekend ritual of walking down to the NEX's food court to steal some wifi - the internet provided there is the best i've had in several months, so i make it a point to go only on the weekends to pay bills, make updates, surf, chat, whatever….it's with this unprecedented speed that i'm capable to do things that i typically cannot do during the week with the internet provided at the lounge across from the barracks. It's with that freedom, coupled with time to kill, and a conversation i had just this past week that would soon provide the mind fucking i wasn't ready for…

but let's step back for a second…upon walking into the food court i run into one of my sergeants…i do not know how to act when i come across these guys when it's "after hours" i think i may have said hey man, or something along those lines…it's tricky because..i'm in civvies..he's in civvies..we are at a food court..of course i recollect myself and properly call him sergeant as we depart..but i always seem to have this problem

i ordered subway, but it was just to get the drink - i know that sounds backwards, but subway is the only establishment in the food court that has fountain beverage if i am going to sit there for some time, i might as well have the option to get refills! And i know you're thinking, why not just get the drink? Well, it you make it a meal, it comes with cookies and a sandwich! which i know i will eat later at some point…in fact i used that (now) classic line to someone in line later as i was getting said refill - lady behind the counter asked, "would you like to make it a meal", and i blurted out, "oh do it, it comes with a sandwich!"


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