Saturday, August 06, 2011

Why I hate The..

oh crap, can't say it..
but you know..

that Service thing I'm doing…yeah…that thing

So I hate the Corps because it's like being a Jew, an Orthodox Jew to be correct….though I'm not really how correct of an analogy this really is, it was the first thing that popped into my head..but let me continue. So as stupid it is to be a Jew, it's as equally stupid to be a Marine. So for those of you who don't know, the Orthodox Jews are the ones that celebrate Sabbot, or the Sabbath…basically that small period of time in the week where you have these "rules" and "guidelines" you need to follow in order to be a good Jew or do god's will or some crap. During this time, from the sunset on Friday to sunrise on Sunday, this group of people are forbade from doing such random tasks as turning a light switch on…and the list goes from the complete idiotic as dialing a phone, to using money, to traveling or working…what really gets me is that idiotic spectrum…the "no turning on lights" or "writing down something with a pen" or "dialing a cellphone"….if you ask a Jew why, they tell you it's because you're not supposed to be working or worrying about things, you're just supposed to relax. Well I on't know about you, but with so many ridiculous rules in place I'd be constantly worrying that I was breaking one of them…"oh shit, i just sneezed, can i do that?"

The Corps has equally as stupid of rules…especially when it comes to the uniforms..sweet jesus. While being in uniform is like partaking in Sabbot, you can't do anything! For those of you not in the Corps, let me explain, and I will not be exaggerating by any means..While in uniform you cannot…walk and drink…walk and eat..walk and use a cell phone..walk and adjust your uniform..carry things in your right hand..carry things on your back, such as a backpack..have things in your pockets…and if you were in service uniforms, don't even think about carrying a wallet in your pocket! Yes, that prior list wasn't simply the "flashy" service or dress uniforms…it pertains to the cammies as well..which is what most of us wear every single day, for hours at time because they are our work uniforms.

And I get it, the reason for all these rules on both the Corps and Jew sides is keeping with traditions and so forth..respecting the heritage that comes along with calling yourself a jew or Marine.."respect the uniform" i hear constantly as a junior Marines does something they are not supposed to..and just shortly after that another junior Marine who has been brainwashed will make a comment about "looking heinous" or some derivative about how "we didn't join the army"..when deep down inside we are all saying, really, what the fuck.

I'm not asking to reinvent the wheel here (ugh, one of my most hated sayings and I do not know why I just used it..too much hate in this blog), but what I'm asking services, of any nature, to do is, get with the times. Hey Jews, you want to not worry about the mundane, bullshit life and not's called taking a vacation…not segregating yourself out of the community wherein that type of lifestyle is not conducive to living a normal, healthy, social life. Hey Corps, we understand you're the hardest of the branches of service, the best of the best, etc…but you don't have to justify these obsolete rules, standards, traditions, or whatever as a validation for keeping around a non-needed branch of service. It'd be like if I wore a condom on my dick all day long after having sex with some chick…nobody can see it, it's only hurting myself…but I already know I fucked the broad, so why do I need to have this questionable antic as a form of a reminder..people will know by the way i, err you lost in my

Short in point, it's stupid to be either a Jew or a Marine.

"..don't both have grooming requirements too?!"

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