Thursday, September 29, 2011

Testy Texty

don't take that tone with me...

With all of the modern marvels and technological advances, it's pretty crazy to think that the most common form of communication today is via text. Why you can chat with friends, family, sext with a girlfriend, vote for your favorite character on that stupid TV show, check your balances, even use a google-like system to ask questions...what have we come to?

Texting, in its raw form is derived from its erferr base instant messaging. From ICQ to Skype the IM world has evolved and left its mark on society. At the turn of the Millennium, cell phone companies, realizing the sudden craze that was IM'ing - what with applications like MSN messenger, ICQ, AOLIM, Yahoo Chat, Trillion, etc - and wanted somehow to incorporate that into their products, I mean why's another form of communication that is booming!

At that time in my life I will admit I was fully submerged into the subculture that was online instant messaging...but what is scary is some of the characteristics, or perhaps this blog that never happened, in the case of that time. After spending many an hour chatting it up, I soon came to the conclusion that IM'ing was flawed in a very big way and it was causing nothing but havoc in people's worlds.

Sure instant communication that is either free or cheap is a huge beneficial factor for the lives we now live..however, the problems created along that process make me questioning the value of it all. And it's not just one issue, there are several reasons I have grown to not like the IM world but mainly it's about dependency and translation.

Let's take the latter for a moment; translation.

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