Monday, October 31, 2011

Of Course...

this happens to be..
that time of the year...

you know, when i fucking hate everything...

I have so many things to bitch about, so many different rants to ramble on about, so many hateful things to say..that I cannot focus on just one at a time..I work myself up into such a tizzy i pass out on my keyboard..don't believe me, ask my skype buddy HazeyDays, with whom I fell asleep with trying to have a live conversation with (still doesn't trump the one time I passed out while going down on a girl...)

Granted I can focus on a topic for a minute here and there, but when i put myself down in front of a computer or person to go off, it comes out a of this story and that story weaved together with the utmost incomprehensibility ever...did i just make up a word?

I'll get to this, i got topics to talk about..i'm finding the time not so much...i think i've been home for an hour or two today, not including sleep yeah, i'm working on it..i have been making a conscience effort to keep nagging myself to blog..because boy howdy i got some things to fucking say...if you want angry blog posting, it's coming..

more than likely i'll say hurtful things, piss people off, and make others quote me years down the road saying something along the lines of,"your last words to me, via blog mind you, were fuck off" - classic jangus.

if i didn't need sleep so badly i would be on here rambling away...but just think..November is in a few hours, and we've already kicked off this years fuckfest with a god damn BANG, it's like October was a mother fucking pre-season for the mental raping that is November..way to go 2011, way to be awesome...

it's ok 2011 I'ma let you finish, but 2006 had the best November of all time..

fuck you, i'm out.

"**flips over table**"

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm Losing My God Damned Mind

you heard me..

you know the shit is real when i use the GD...

Ugh, I have Good Day, and I have Bad Days..but the positioning of the scale is shifted from the norm...instead of Good being good, Good is rather Ok...which makes Bad shift as well, from Bad to Fuuuuuuck This Shit....or something like that..I am a visual person as you all know, so of course if I were to do this rant for you in person I would have had a full power point presentation with graphs and shit...

Anyways...As I was saying, I feel like on my good days certain facts don't bother me...i get by, all starts looking up...maybe because that's monday and i just had a nice conversation the night prior...then Wednesday comes along, and in those three days, work has built up, text messages go unanswered, and i'm just counting down the days til....actually...i don't even know what i'm counting..whether it's up or down..i look forward to the weekend, but there's no purpose to the weekend.all that means to me is i don't have to get in trouble at work for two days...and if not that then i'm counting up the days i don't hear from you, but in all actuality, "up" denotes a positive action...this couldn't be further from the truth...

my mind works in a horribly vicious assumes, goes to the extremes, has an imagination on it's own level of intricacies i myself can't even explain. Something as simple as a picture will make my brain go into hyper overdrive, halting my world, and only causing pain there forth.

Example: My ex-girlfriend posts a picture and I go crazy...reason being what she's nothing scandalous but rather a beanie...ok, backstory: A long while ago I was perusing the many pictures she's sent me and I noticed the beanie in one of them...loving girls in hats I asked her about it..she searched for it, wanting to wear it for me, yet could not find it..she never came across it again...i guess until today that is...and in my twisted world, I would think (and here's me over-thinking per usual) that if she were to find said beanie, take picture with said beanie, that she would have sent the picture to me with a caption "look what i found" - I mean, that's something totally legit that happens..i believe i've gotten and sent out similar messages in the past.

Now i don't want to go into the whole argument with you about how she's an ex and so forth..we still talk, we still send pictures, we text/call/ was situational and i'll go more into this some other, for the sake of this argument, treat her like a friend, not a girlfriend.

So at this, i've got nothing - i could point out that i hadn't heard back from her in a couple days from our last text so this would have been an appropriate ice breaker..but i've got's actions, or rather non-actions like this that make me question every single thing..every single written word..everything.

And these are the thoughts that trouble me...sure i tend to over-analyze things, but, it's kinda hard to see things for what they really are when...what they really are is not what you think..

This isn't Hell, it's far's relationship purgatory.

"She wants to fall in love with you but she's afraid of getting hurt, afraid of lies, and afraid she'll end up with only tears in her eyes.”

Sunday, October 16, 2011


i don't know..
i don't know..

i really don't know...

I feel like I should write, it would help me not be so stir crazy right now...but i know if i attempt to write, the writing will be all over the place with scattered thoughts, shattered dreams, and broken hearts.

I honestly don't know what to say's like i have so much to say, so much i just want to vent about, to shed a tear about...and i've already talked to so many people about what's been going on..i don't know what else to do..everyone has a different take..for once i'm listening to other's advice, trying to figure out what's best..because..this time..i really really care about what happens...

I want what's best for everyone in the situation...and i'm hoping, hell, i'm praying that what we both want is the same thing....right now those wants and desires are a little skewed, not the same, but i'm hoping things get sorted out, and soon.

i could spill my heart here, but i'll hold back on that for a moment...right now i'm still in a shocked state..things haven't hit me as strong as they will say, tomorrow..but i have definitely been going crazy over here...

i want her to text me, call me, email me, something...saying she's sorry that she had to do this, but it was only to be closer to me..or something...heck...i'd take just a text saying "hi", then I would know I'm on her mind..

i want to let her know she's on my mind..but i want to respect the space she wants too..she should already know i think about her constantly..but i don't want the lack of my texts to make her think otherwise..i wish she would read this..

i'm going crazy without her...and in my head, my horrible world i create, she's perfectly's as if i was erased from existence..that's probably not true..but..what else am i to think..she said she didn't want to be with me..

ugh..please come back

"One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love." ~ Sophocles

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Everyday Life...

I'm the busiest...
most bored person ever..

and if you understand that, awesome.

I don't do really, I don't do anything...I go to work in the morn and that's about it..yet somehow, I don't have time for anything...I don't get it. Even when I am at home, watching episodes of shows I've already seen a million and one times, I still somehow do not have the time to even blog..

I mean, I have a list of things I should be doing...but, I can never slot the time for those things...what I hate is, it's not like I can leave work and go run the errands I need to do out in, I have to come home and change over first, then go back out..but really once I'm home, I want to take a break from things and kinda unwind.

And as for blogging...I spend all day at work staring at a computer screen, so the last thing I want to do is...well, just that when I get home.. - - though a TV is very similar, it's just further away - -

I've had my friends comment, even recently, that there's always something going on in my life..I've always got some story to tell..some crazy life is a sitcom...whatever. And I think, sure things happen...but I am the one who is aware of all the down time..or all the random filler that takes two seconds to tell, yet painstaking hours doing...example being i could tell you I haven't heard from my girlfriend in 24 hours, give little details about it all, and take five minutes telling you....mind you, I'm the one who had to sit there for 24 hours waiting on a call..or however's just an example..but still..

The time spent making the story never comes close to how long it takes to tell..maybe that's why we (i) recant them so much..maybe we try to get as much out of them as we put into them. People tend to think that "I'm not over (insert something here)" because I'll tell stories about that whatever...but to those who actually know me, know that I tell stories about everyone and everything..a lot. I tell the stories because I have nothing to hide, and because it's usually something worth telling..

That's what I do, I tell stories..people like listening to my stories and I like telling them..I don't know if i like telling them because people like them...or if people like them because I have so much fun telling them..I've been told it's the stories themselves that are so entertaining..others say it's my own touch I any event, they are an extension of me...maybe to make someone laugh, feel good, or just look at life's my mark I am leaving behind on the world..

and if that's the case..i need to write more.

"If only I had more time... Wait, a minute, I got all the time I want! I got a time machine! ... All right. Let's see, ten minutes ought to do it."