Thursday, October 13, 2011

Everyday Life...

I'm the busiest...
most bored person ever..

and if you understand that, awesome.

I don't do really, I don't do anything...I go to work in the morn and that's about it..yet somehow, I don't have time for anything...I don't get it. Even when I am at home, watching episodes of shows I've already seen a million and one times, I still somehow do not have the time to even blog..

I mean, I have a list of things I should be doing...but, I can never slot the time for those things...what I hate is, it's not like I can leave work and go run the errands I need to do out in, I have to come home and change over first, then go back out..but really once I'm home, I want to take a break from things and kinda unwind.

And as for blogging...I spend all day at work staring at a computer screen, so the last thing I want to do is...well, just that when I get home.. - - though a TV is very similar, it's just further away - -

I've had my friends comment, even recently, that there's always something going on in my life..I've always got some story to tell..some crazy life is a sitcom...whatever. And I think, sure things happen...but I am the one who is aware of all the down time..or all the random filler that takes two seconds to tell, yet painstaking hours doing...example being i could tell you I haven't heard from my girlfriend in 24 hours, give little details about it all, and take five minutes telling you....mind you, I'm the one who had to sit there for 24 hours waiting on a call..or however's just an example..but still..

The time spent making the story never comes close to how long it takes to tell..maybe that's why we (i) recant them so much..maybe we try to get as much out of them as we put into them. People tend to think that "I'm not over (insert something here)" because I'll tell stories about that whatever...but to those who actually know me, know that I tell stories about everyone and everything..a lot. I tell the stories because I have nothing to hide, and because it's usually something worth telling..

That's what I do, I tell stories..people like listening to my stories and I like telling them..I don't know if i like telling them because people like them...or if people like them because I have so much fun telling them..I've been told it's the stories themselves that are so entertaining..others say it's my own touch I any event, they are an extension of me...maybe to make someone laugh, feel good, or just look at life's my mark I am leaving behind on the world..

and if that's the case..i need to write more.

"If only I had more time... Wait, a minute, I got all the time I want! I got a time machine! ... All right. Let's see, ten minutes ought to do it."

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